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ctrlX SERVICES: Make it your device

Automation solutions were originally designed to work with machines to cater for rigid, recurring production processes. Nowadays, the focus is on greater flexibility, new value creation potential and business models. The automation solution no longer dictates to the user what processes should be used – it is the other way around. Digital tools from the ctrlX SERVICES toolbox provide this support.

As a fully open platform, ctrlX AUTOMATION allows businesses to perform automation tasks as flexibly and individually as possible while reducing costs. Bosch Rexroth has adapted the smartphone approach and applied it to the automation world, combining products and solutions with an ecosystem. ctrlX SERVICES support this as a central element and acts as a link with software, software as a service and classic service products.

Users are supported over the entire life cycle: this includes the individual configuration of automation solutions, basic software development using the Software Development Kit (SDK) and virtual control environment, digital twins, simulation models, support from the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community and services for ongoing operation. At the same time, Bosch Rexroth guarantees durability and predictability. Spare parts, repairs or replacement units are guaranteed to be available for up to 25 years from now.

ctrlX Configurator: Create solutions easily according to your needs

  • Graphical configuration of products and automation solutions
  • Configuration without product knowledge
  • Quick availability of consistent complete solutions

The automation platform is designed to be implemented according to requirements. This is possible with the ctrlX Configurator as a digital platform for the individual configuration of automation solutions in the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio. For users, this means that automation solutions are much easier to set up and consistent complete solutions are quickly available. The ctrlX Configurator supports an end-to-end user experience – from product selection and configuration or consultancy and quotations to support for individual applications.

As a result, system topologies can be created graphically with no specific product knowledge. The advantages include simplicity thanks to the automatic checking of dependencies and the displaying of the configuration status of the products used.

The tool allows configuration with application-related data, the automatic selection of suitable products and a dynamic 3D product preview.

As a result, users benefit from intuitive and flexible options to ensure the quick availability of consistent solution configurations. Product documents, CAD data and EPLAN macros are all available for downloading. Links to further documentation such as operating instructions complement the information on offer. For subsequent further processing, the configuration project is saved in the ctrlX Configurator in personified form.

ctrlX Store: Use and develop applications quickly

  • Develop your own apps or use apps from Bosch Rexroth and third-party providers
  • Online access to all available applications
  • Central management via ctrlX Device Portal

The ctrlX Store is also geared to users’ needs. Especially when it comes to obtaining apps. Users can download apps from Bosch Rexroth or third-party providers from the ctrlX World straight onto a PC and acquire the necessary licenses. As a result, individual combinations of applications on a unit can be achieved quickly and easily. For greater convenience, the apps can also be assigned to units centrally via the ctrlX Device Portal.

The ctrlX Store offers online access to all available applications and libraries for individually producing apps. Through the integration of existing applications from third-party providers, the ecosystem can be expanded in a practical manner.

Users can therefore choose from a wide range of apps and use them according to their current requirements. Customers can download AI apps for production and process improvements or intelligent software expansions for mechanisms such as gearboxes or gripping and tensioning systems. At the same time, solutions for MES connectivity, voice recognition, network IT security, HMI visualization and much more are available.

How it works: The apps are available for downloading from the ctrlX Store and can be assigned to the ctrlX CORE control platform via a licensing portal. Thanks to Linux Ubuntu, the apps can even be handled centrally and automatically via the ctrlX Device Portal. With the Software Development Kit for ctrlX AUTOMATION, users, OEMs and third-party providers can easily produce and integrate their own apps. The technology also allows easy updatability, as a result of which users can remain up to date at all times.


With the ctrlX Configurator and the ctrlX Store and by using everyone’s strengths, the best automation solutions to suit specific needs can be developed quickly and easily.


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