Maximum precision for motion, robotics and CNC

Motion, Robotics, CNC: ctrlX MOTION covers all possible motion tasks

Today, users of production machinery and systems are faced with a wide variety of automation tasks. These can range from the simplest cartesian handling tasks to pick-and-place applications to highly dynamic machines with numerous synchronized axes. With the all-rounder ctrlX MOTION, these challenges can be solved in a highly precise, simple, safe and flexible manner. And all this with just one motion kernel: From simple single-axis applications to high-volume production systems, the user will always find the optimum solution in terms of installation space, function and cost-effectiveness. Motion, robotics or CNC: ctrlX MOTION covers all conceivable motion tasks in a highly scalable manner.

Much more than motion control: the highlights of ctrlX MOTION

With ctrlX MOTION, users have everything they need for the intelligent automation of production machinery and systems.

This broad scope of action is made possible by the modern app-based software architecture. Bosch Rexroth’s decades of experience in motion applications flow into the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform and are reflected in web-based development environments that enable low-code programming.

Factory hall with gantry robots

This way, the functionality of ctrlX MOTION can be adapted to the user’s requirements and expanded at any time. The available technology packages are optimally scalable to the respective requirements - from price-optimized solutions with a maximum of ten axes and one kinematics for compact machines to high-end applications with many axes in several kinematics and different coordinate systems.

And getting started is as easy as can be: Web-based engineering promotes rapid commissioning, while graphical programming means that the application programs can be created intuitively, without prior training. Technology functions for demanding processes can also be quickly implemented with wizard support.

The benefit for the user:

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Less development effort
  • Industry solutions available
  • Quick creation of user programs
  • Fewer automation components
  • Highest productivity

ctrlX MOTION – the fast and precise motion solution

Are you still programming?

How long does it take to set up a spirit level, a digital purse or a video editing station on a smartphone? In most cases, the answer is: There’s an app for that.

Flexible ctrlX MOTION architecture for a wide range of applications:

ctrlX MOTION can be used both controller-based and drive-based and enables a wide variety of applications.

The features of ctrlX MOTION:

Control for complex high production machines

With one control, all axes of a high-end machine can be coordinated in different kinematics and coordinate systems. The high-performance motion system enables efficient and fast engineering.


High speed & highest performance

This central feature of ctrlX MOTION relies on multicore performance and enables the fastest movements.

  • The latest multicore technology for parallel code processing and maximum system velocity.
  • Intelligent task management for an efficient program flow. The fastest motion commanding is made possible by synchronous EtherCAT tasks. Cyclic tasks allow deterministic data exchange and free-running tasks the shortest possible reaction times.


Maximum scalability

ctrlX MOTION is the ideal control configuration for any application – be it in a drive or as an embedded solution. The app-based motion software supports single-axis positioning through to coordinated motion.


Free choice of programming language

By using ctrlX MOTION, developers can quickly and easily achieve their customized solution. With any programming languages such as Blockly, Python, IEC 61131, PLCopen or C/C++, functions can be created as apps and combined freely. The functions can be created in different programming languages and communicate with each other and with the application via the ctrlX Data Layer.


Simple and intuitive engineering

The graphical programming system and web-based access support fast commissioning and shorten the time-to-market. The product configurator provides support for machine configuration, and ctrlX COREvirtual makes it easy to create a digital twin, for example.

Apps and technology functions

ctrlX MOTION app

Above all, ctrlX MOTION is characterized by its expandability and therefore adapts exactly to the user’s needs. Numerous apps are available from Bosch Rexroth that expand the system’s range of functions. Third-party apps and all open source-software can also be added at any time.

The ctrlX MOTION app runs on ctrlX CORE, ctrlX DRIVEplus with ctrlX CORE and on ctrlX COREvirtual as a simulation application. It provides the basic motion functions for single axis positioning. This concerns the operation of the axes in positioning mode as well as speed or torque control:

  • PLCopen library
  • Operation of gantry axis sets with torque, position or speed coupling
  • Override setting in % for velocity and/or acceleration/deceleration
  • Movment of the axes up to the fixed stop with defined torque
  • Use of REST API commands for move command

The range of functions of the ctrlX MOTION app can be expanded with optional technology packages for robotics and handling or even systems with axis synchronization requirements, such as the Cartesian in-app from Bosch Rexroth.

Cartesian Robotics

This app option extends the basic motion functions with specific functionalities for Cartesian handling applications such as:

  • Coordinated path movements
  • Jog motion for complete kinematics  
  • Belt synchronization  
  • Collision detection of servo axes in three dimensions
  • Smoothing movements with spline curves  
  • Additional coordinate systems e.g. for product or end product
Integrated Development Environment

The IDE app (Integrated Development Environment) supports simple engineering and provides various development environments (coding, debugging, etc.) with which program sequences for ctrlX CORE can be created. It is currently available in two versions:

  • Textual Coding provides a web-based development environment (code editor, console, debugging, etc.) with native ctrlX CORE connectivity. It can be used to create Python scripts or edit files in the active solution.
  • Visual Coding offers a programming framework (code editor, debugger, project management, configuration, etc.) for creating programs based on visual elements and Python. The active editor language can be switched at any time, so that collaborative work is possible.
Technology functions

Additional technology functions ensure higher dynamics and productivity. They provide important support, particularly in the handling application area:

  • Vibration Damping: The active vibration function increases performance and enables improved product quality. Unwanted vibrations caused by highly dynamic movements are minimized. Sensitive products can thus be moved at high velocity and faster cycles can be achieved. The app allows for reduced settling time and increased accuracy. This provides the mechanical system with appropriate protection and a longer service life.
  • Smart Energy: This smart app enables intelligent energy management, ensuring energy and cost savings. The app reduces the need for peak power by 50% and electricity needs by 30%. Smaller components in the mains connection reduce hardware costs. They also reduce the cost of providing peak power and energy.
  • Hybride Position: The hybrid position control enables highest performance and positioning accuracy for motion systems with mechanical slip. The motion is separated into a dynamic part of the motion with fast motor encoder. Positioning accuracy and slip correction are achieved, for example, by means of a laser sensor in the precision movement area.

ctrlX MOTION is perfectly suited for the following applications and machines

Users solve a wide variety of automation tasks with the ctrlX MOTION software: from the simplest Cartesian handling tasks to highly dynamic machines with numerous synchronized axes in the consumer industry to high-precision motion solutions in Semicon & Electronics applications.

Horizontal flow wrapper for chocolate packaging

Consumer goods

  • Flow wrapping machines
  • Flexo printing machines
  • Laminators
  • Packaging machines
  • Corrugated board applications
Factory hall with gantry robots

Robotics and logistics

  • Cartesian robots
  • Delta robots
  • Scara robots
Plasma cutting of a metal plate


  • Bending machines
  • Additive manufacturing machines
  • Dispensing machines

Semicon and electronics

  • Assembly lines
  • Stacking machines for battery cores
  • Welding machines for pouch cells

General Motion Control

By using ctrlX AUTOMATION in general motion control applications, users benefit from a compact system with minimum footprint, smart apps and motion modules, as well as safe and flexible operation. This is especially important for tasks in the field of robotics and handling.

Further application examples:

IOT & PLC, Performance Motion Control, Manufacturing, Smart Energy

General Motion Control

By using ctrlX AUTOMATION in general motion control applications, users benefit from a compact system with minimum footprint, smart apps and motion modules, as well as safe and flexible operation. This is especially important for tasks in the field of robotics and handling.

Further application examples:

IOT & PLC, Performance Motion Control, Manufacturing, Smart Energy

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