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Everything in the flow: Intralogistics solutions for the smart factory

Automating and optimizing intralogistics processes is a key factor for the success of the Factory of the Future. With the ctrlX FLOW product family, Bosch Rexroth offers easy-to-integrate solutions for optimum and highly efficient material and goods flows.



Planar system with 6 degrees of freedom: New level for the high-performance transport – ctrlX FLOW6D

With ctrlX FLOW6D, contactless high-performance transport and positioning reaches a new level. The planar system from Bosch Rexroth offers greater freedom of movement and maximum precision. The free-floating transport platforms, so-called movers, are moved on a horizontal, vertical or overhead working surface. Each mover acts in six degrees of freedom (6DOF) at high speed and with great precision – without any friction or pollution. Integration into ctrlX AUTOMATION results in an overall solution with a compact control system and apps to increase the range of functions. The result is an integrated, agile system which makes full use of the potential offered by industrial levitation.

Transport system in new spheres

ctrlX FLOW6D stands out from other solutions. These benefits make all the difference:

  • Free, simultaneous movement in all six degrees of freedom, for example rotation, travel and tilting
  • Extended movement ranges: Floating height up to 20 mm, unlimited rotation, 10° tilt in all spatial directions
  • Any orientation of the working level: Horizontal, vertical, overhead
  • Safe, gentle landing and parking of the movers in the event of a power cut
  • Wireless provision of power and data communication on the mover
  • Low power consumption, regardless of the load capacity
  • No warming of the tile surface
  • Movers are easy to handle, no risk of injuries
  • Innovative machine concepts with new working procedures
  • Machines take up less space and are less complex
  • Transport and handling systems are standardized
  • Peripheral devices and installation equipment are no longer needed
  • High level of cleanliness thanks to abrasion-free movement of the movers
  • Movers can operate in a closed process chamber
  • Increased versatility, scalability and flexibility
  • Real-time synchronization with peripheral devices possible
  • Communication with line and machine control systems


Planar systems offer enormous potential for a variety of industry segments. Given their modular, easily adaptable structure, they can be used in numerous industrial sectors, for example in the semiconductor industry, the food sector, the pharmaceuticals industry or in assembly systems.

As a contactless system, ctrlX FLOW6D allows the efficient, safe and coordinated transport, positioning and handling of loads. The planar system from Bosch Rexroth thus forms the backbone of a flexible and efficient production facility. As an open system, it can interact seamlessly with various other systems.

On a working surface which can be adapted in a modular fashion, a number of differently shaped and sized movers can be controlled in six dimensions. Strong, specially arranged permanent magnets make this possible. The system also sets new standards with its large movement ranges, for example a floating height of up to 20 mm, a 10° tilting angle and endless rotations in any location. The six degrees of freedom of each mover can be combined with each other as required.

A power supply and data communication are available to users on the floating platform. Movers are connected and can also be converted into active agents. This can be achieved by equipping them with actuators, sensors and handling components.

With its numerous properties, the ctrlX FLOW6D planar system opens up new scope for action and innovative concepts for production systems. The open transport systems allow entirely new system concepts and workflows. For example, movers can be operated in a process chamber, transport and process tasks can be combined seamlessly and transport systems can be standardized. The additional degrees of freedom mean that fewer peripheral devices are needed. As a result, the system becomes more compact, less complex and cheaper.

Planar system for flexible automation

The floating and contactless ctrlX FLOW6D system can be integrated perfectly into the Bosch Rexroth automation world. The automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION provides the basis for design, simulation, engineering, operation and service. The heart of the solution, the compact, high-performance control system ctrlX CORE, allows users to make optimum use of the new planar system technology. Full use of the potential of levitation can be made with the help of expansions: New functions can easily be added with the help of apps available from the ctrlX Store.

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