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Whitepaper: The new freedom in engineering

Nowadays, mechanical engineering means one thing: software development. In some machines, software accounts for over 50 percent of value creation. Software determines the flexibility, connectivity, availability and ease of operation of machines and systems. Automation technology must fit into information technology with as little effort as possible. This is much easier if automation systems use the same communication standards and programming environments as the IT world. Bosch Rexroth has therefore developed a new automation platform which combines automation, information technology and the Internet of Things in a completely open system. ctrlX AUTOMATION is based on an entirely new, open software architecture with app technology. A central effect: the engineering outlay for new machines is reduced by between 30 and 50 percent.

For a long time, automation-specific approaches and programs were adequate in mechanical engineering. As a result of connectivity with other machines and IT, more and more tasks outside the actual motion sequences must now be performed.

An example: robotics and handling are key disciplines in the manufacturing industry as a way of optimizing recurrent work processes, conserving resources and increasing reproducibility. However, they are the tasks which are most difficult to standardize in automation. The Cartesian systems, delta or SCARA robots must normally be adapted individually to the particular work pieces and processes. This often ties up considerable engineering capacities which are required elsewhere. The lack of specialists in the area of PLC and G-Code programming further exacerbates the situation.

The new ctrlX AUTOMATION platform is the response to this and other challenges ...


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New freedom in engineering

Find out how ctrlX AUTOMATION helps you to put individual solutions into operation much faster and to program functions easily and flexibly in any language.

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