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Shaping the solution

CIMCORP gantry robot sorts boxes in a warehouse

Software development is the key to delivering next generation solutions for mechanical engineering. But many of the challenges machine builders are currently facing can only be overcome through close collaboration. We spoke to Jyrki Anttonen, Technology Director at CIMCORP, about their decision to become a Lead Customer for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

CIMCORP is a pioneer of automated robotic solutions for intralogistics. For more than 30 years, CIMCORP has optimized its customers’ material flows in warehouses, distribution centers and tire manufacturing facilities.

How did CIMCORP begin its relationship with Bosch Rexroth?

Over the past 10 years, CIMCORP has enjoyed a strong relationship with Bosch Rexroth as a supplier of our control systems. The relationship began when we were developing a new generation of gantry robots, which were delivered to our customers in 2010. Since that point, we’ve maintained a very good relationship.

Can you explain the basis of your relationship?

We’ve been extremely satisfied with the products. In addition to this we’ve been impressed by the service and support that we’ve received. There’s a strong cultural link between our companies, which makes Bosch Rexroth more of a partner than a supplier.

Why did you decide to adopt ctrlX AUTOMATION?

It wasn’t a difficult decision. We attended a Technology Day in March 2018, and by June we’d signed the agreement to become a Lead Customer. Our existing relationship played a big part in the decision, as we were completely satisfied with the product and service.

During the event, we received a short presentation about ctrlX AUTOMATION and immediately recognized several attractive features. We also learned the controller would be lighter and smaller, which was very beneficial to us. Then there was the open nature of the controller to the IT world, which plays a huge part of our future control system architecture.

Why did you choose to become a Lead Customer?

It gives us a unique opportunity to influence the development of ctrlX AUTOMATION. From the outset, we shared our requirements, and Bosch Rexroth responded accordingly. By being able to implement the product earlier than our competitors, we have a head start, which gives us a significant competitive advantage.

How has your collaboration developed?

We’ve taken part in workshops and teleconferences, as well as having one-to-one communications with  their specialists. Through collaboration, we’ve been able to help shape ctrlX AUTOMATION, so it has the features and functions we need to control our gantry robots.

What are your next steps?

We’ve received some system hardware – a modular kit – which is already up and running in our workshop. Future development is an interesting task, as there are so many opportunities compared to our current controller. We won’t just convert the existing robotics software to the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, as we want to configure the software architecture in the best way to realize the functions and features. We also want to integrate it into the larger CIMCORP control system architecture as part of the bigger picture for our customers.

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Portrait view of Jyrki Anttonen, Technology Director at CIMCORP

Jyrki Anttonen

Technology Director at CIMCORP

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