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Since 2007 Bosch has honored outstanding innovations with the "Robert Bosch Innovation Award“: products, technologies, and business models. In addition to the benefits for Bosch and its customers, the innovative strength compared with existing solutions also plays a major role.

For the award, which was held online for the first time in early February due to the Corona pandemic, 99 applications were received from across the entire Bosch Group, 68 for "Core" and 31 for "Beyond." This year the jury again based its decision on a so-called crowd voting. The Bosch Group associates were able to choose between two randomly selected pairs of ideas. On this basis a ranking was created.

There were two winning teams in both categories. The category "Beyond" covers developments and products that open up new business opportunities. One of the winners was Vivalytic, a platform for diagnosing various infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The other winner was Nyon, an on-board computer that enables eBike riders to be fully connected on the road.

The category "Core" honors innovations in areas that are central to the company's business. Here, the SOFC project was convincing: stationary solid oxide fuel cell systems supply factories, businesses, offices and data centers with energy in a highly efficient manner. Furthermore, ctrlX AUTOMATION stood out as the winner in the category "Core".

Source: Robert Bosch GmbH

"What every mobile phone user can do in seconds often meant weeks of work for machine builders. Whereas with smartphones you simply add the latest functions via app, in the past this only worked for production machines with a great amount of effort. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth is bringing the smartphone world into the factories," explains Sebastian Krauskopf, who received the "Robert Bosch Innovation Award" as team's spokesman.

ctrlX AUTOMATION has launched a new era in automation, empowering the innovative strength and technological transformation of the entire Bosch Group – as the award emphasizes.


Portrait view of Sebastian Krauskopf, Game Changer Software

Sebastian Krauskopf

Game Changer

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