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Performance makes all the difference

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With ctrlX AUTOMATION, we would like to offer our customers the most scalable, powerful and compact automation platform available on the market. In order to do this, we have not only optimized every component but also taken into account interactions in the overall system at all times. The result: our customers will be able to implement their software solutions with our ctrlX CORE control system and the new ctrlX DRIVE generation as soon as it is launched in 2020.

A control platform for all topologies

The ctrlX CORE control system is the heart of the new ctrlX AUTOMATION solution. Compared to conventional platforms, it offers considerably more computing power with an ARM 64 bit quad-core processor yet requires no extra space. What makes it so special is the fact that the control system allows a completely seamless transition between the different platforms. Whether it be integrated into the drive, an embedded controller or a plug-in card in an industrial PC, from the tiniest PLC to a high-end application: the ctrlX CORE hardware is identical.

The control system is based on the very latest electronic components that were selected to ensure serviceability of at least 25 years – for the CPU too. This is our way of providing investment security for our customers and end users. The basic ctrlX CORE version is a compact embedded control system for installation without the use of tools. The robust housing is suitable for an extended temperature range from -25 °C to +55 °C. The hardware is able to withstand vibrations measuring 1 g and shock loads measuring up to 15 g. From 2021, the portfolio will be complemented by ctrlX COREplus, a configurable all-round solution with extra interfaces and functions.

We have integrated numerous previously external additional devices such as firewalls or VPN routers into the control system. We will also offer communication and functional modules arranged at the side of ctrlX COREplus. The individual modules are just 12 mm wide.

ctrlX CORE will cover robotics and handling as well as key areas of PLC-based automation such as packaging and printing from the very start. Additional software packages and hardware expansions will then be added continually.

Powerful drive technology requiring minimal space

For decades now, Bosch Rexroth has provided scope for modular machine designs by allowing high-performance control systems to be combined with intelligent drives. We have continued this approach with ctrlX AUTOMATION and have developed ctrlX DRIVE, a completely new generation of drives. At first glance, it is noticeable how small the new drives are. Our developers have made them up to 50 percent smaller than previous drives. We have also integrated functions which up until now required additional components. An example: the integrated DC-bus connector technology reduces additional hardware and allows energy balancing via the DC-bus. As a result, design engineers can reduce the amount of space required, optimize power requirements and lessen power loss.

With the end-to-end supply unit concept with single and double-axis converters as well as power and regenerative supply units, users can select the configuration that is best suited to their application. With supply unit outputs of up to 250 kW, sufficient power is also available for extensive machine designs.

We have also improved the scalability and consistency of the converters and inverters and have achieved peak currents of up to 375 A. We offer double-axis inverters from 6/6 A to 70/70 A as well as a 23/23 A double-axis converter. This particular device has a supply unit output of 30 kW.

Control system integrated into the drive requires no additional space

Two versions are available to cover anything from simple applications to high-performance systems. ctrlX DRIVE is the ready-configured standard drive. The Safe Torque OFF (STO) safety function is integrated as standard. ctrlX DRIVEplus also offers the possibility of using additional cards for SafeMotion, multi encoders, I/O expansions and, above all, the ctrlX CORE control system. Because it is integrated into the drive, it requires no additional space but offers all degrees of freedom of the ctrlX CORE with app technology. What is the practical result? A 3-axis handling system with ctrlX DRIVE and ctrlX CORE needs to be just 100 mm wide.

Complete, compact, powerful

ctrlX AUTOMATION sets new standards when it comes to the performance offered by control systems and drives and eliminates the previous divisions between platforms. Drive-integrated control systems offer the same performance as embedded controllers but require no additional space. The drive controllers are extremely compact and, thanks to functional integration, replace additional components that were previously required. ctrlX CORE and ctrlX DRIVE thus open up new scope for innovative, modular and software-driven machine designs.


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