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Since 2011, Quadriga Media has been awarding the “Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation" (German Award for Online Communication) annually to honor outstanding projects, professional campaign planning and forward-looking digital communication strategies. The members of the jury represent the fields of corporate communications, online PR, and science and research, and determine the winners of the award in an anonymous online voting process.

Our YouTube series ctrlX developR was able to convince the jury in the category Industry & Mechanical Engineering and received the third place. This ranks the format among the best of over 700 applications.

ctrlX developR gives developers first-hand insights into topics relevant for them: from data exchange and device management over security and software development kits to Python and graphical programming. In addition to live demos and user experiences, the experts share tips and tricks around the automation platform ctrlX AUTOMATION. For a target group-oriented and authentic approach, our employees themselves stand in front of the camera. The focus of the on-demand videos is on the heart of the platform: the ctrlX CORE control system.

And these are the episodes of the first season of ctrlX developR:

#1 This is ctrlX AUTOMATION
#2 Getting Started
#3 ctrlX Data Layer
#4 ctrlX Device Portal
#5 SDK
#6 ctrlX World – Partner Apps
#7 Security
#8 Rest-Interface & Automated Configuration
#9 ctrlX AUTOMATION Community
#10 Python Programming
#11 Graphical Programming


Recently, the second season of the YouTube series has already been released. This time, our Game Changers take you through a complete pick-and-place application – from configuring the components, PLC and graphical programming over machine safety to a web-based HMI.

Curious? This is the second season of ctrlX developR:

#1 Configure Components
#2 Set up a ctrlX CORE & PLC Programming
#3 Use Graphical Programming for Pick & Place
#4 Implement Machine Safety
#5 Create a web-based HMI
#6 Handling Application | Live-Demo


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