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Blue colored image showing several ctrlX AUTOMATION components. Among others the control hardware ctrlX CORE and the I/O components ctrlX I/O.

ctrlX developR – Episode #1 This is ctrlX AUTOMATION

The first episode of the ctrlX developR series is live. Our 11-part series will be released every Thursday from now on and gives developers the opportunity to learn more about ctrlX AUTOMATION.

In episode 1 our host, Christian Zentgraf, and our expert, Holger Schnabel, will talk about some exciting background information of ctrlX AUTOMATION.


Host Christian Zentraf and his guest Holger Schnabel sit at a table and talk about the automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION
Portrait view of Holger Schnabel, Game Changer ctrlX CORE

Holger Schnabel

Game Changer
ctrlX CORE



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