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Daniel Developer and the development of progress

Daniel Developer (28) is much more than just a developer. He is an early adopter, cosmopolitan, technically savvy … speaks several languages, is open-minded and wants to go high. Daniel no longer only feels at home in the world of conventional automation (PLC), but also programs individual solutions using scripts, high-level languages and various environments to quickly reach his goals. He has to get applications up and running quickly, develop reliable software under high time pressure and present complex processes to the user in a simple way. No easy challenge. Until he discovered ctrlX AUTOMATION ...

Constant development in terms of methodology and new technologies characterize today’s developers such as Daniel. They are usually responsible for the conceptual development and specification of software; they maintain, support and advise in development projects and integrate and connect software to third-party systems. They are increasingly abandoning the world of conventional automation and the associated well-trodden paths.

The need: Enjoyable (further) development without detours

Daniel Developer wants to access in-depth information easily, quickly and efficiently so that he can form his own opinion. He finds that the detour via a “classic” salesman takes too long. Dealing with contact persons with whom he cannot discuss at eye level bores him. He considers it a waste of time because it slows him down in achieving his goals. Instead, he looks for alternative sources, providers and solutions to move forward in line with his requirements.

He needs reliable solutions and technologies that make sense and simplify his work. What Daniel Developer wants is easy access to information and fast communication. Questions should be answered quickly or the answers should be available online. In this regard, good documentation with examples and concrete information is worth its weight in gold. Another basic requirement is the compatibility and continuous development of the selected applications. Because who wants to ride a dead horse?

Challenge accepted: with ctrlX AUTOMATION

What sounds a bit like the search for a jack-of-all-trades device is now easily solved: with ctrlX AUTOMATION. Since Daniel Developer discovered the automation platform, he has been able to significantly reduce the complexity of his work processes and increase his scope for action.

The platform is based on a fundamentally new, open software architecture. It encompasses state-of-the-art engineering software technologies and all PLC and motion tasks.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is based on the real-time capable operating system Linux, which is considered the most stable and secure of its kind. The operating system’s container technology allows programmers to map all functions and applications with separate apps and combine them as desired.

App for that: It couldn’t be simpler

Because ctrlX AUTOMATION requires no special PC software, Daniel Developer can commission and pick it up with ease. Thanks to the web-based system, he was guided logically through the basic configuration on HTML pages.

The software toolbox ctrlX WORKS comes with practical app technology. Standard functions such as a data gateway to production planning systems or the IT connection, firewall, VPN client or OPC UA are available as ready-to-use apps on the control system and do not need to be programmed separately. Daniel simply selects the required functions from the software toolbox. He can also program applications himself or download third-party applications, e.g. from the GitHub development platform.

Daniel Developer is able to combine software functions in virtually any manner with ready-made, custom and customizable apps. For programming, he can choose from numerous programming languages such as C++, scripting languages such as Python or the graphical code editor Blockly. He can decide for himself whether he wants to program applications classically in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code or in high-level or Internet languages. Especially his younger colleagues no longer learn the classic methods in their training.

Bosch Rexroth also provides numerous pre-defined functions for specific requirements. With these, Daniel can simply make use of features which improve the productivity of handling systems and robots.

The system environment is also available in a completely virtual form, enabling programming without hardware.

Be free: from developer to designer

In short: With the open standards and the simple possibility of connecting open source software and app technology, Daniel Developer achieves maximum degrees of freedom. All necessary tools and information are available in detail, always up-to-date and easily accessible. He can act flexibly and quickly in all directions according to demand. This opens up completely new opportunities: The role of the user is transformed from a developer to a designer who changes the world a little bit by simply implementing his ideas ...


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