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ctrlX developR: Innovation needs clever minds

Team picture of the ctrlX developR from Bosch Rexroth

ctrlX AUTOMATION – developR


"Digital is created by analog": it is people who create innovation. This is also evident at ctrlX AUTOMATION. A large portion of research spirit, development talent and innovative strength ensure that Bosch Rexroth is "Two steps ahead" with its automation system. But who are the people who put their heart and soul into developing ctrlX AUTOMATION to peak performance, and what drives them?

ctrlX AUTOMATION lives from developers from all over the world who contribute their know-how in the form of apps and other services. This results in a great whole that eclipses anything that has been done before in automation. "We change the way you develop" applies in two ways: Development arises in co-creation as well as in the simplest way through free choice of programming languages.

Who writes the codes for the success story?

The center of software development is located at Bosch Rexroth. This is where the codes that write automation history are created. Whether IT security, IoT, machine learning, APIs, software development kits or human interfaces... the ctrlX developR are game changers in their field.

Portrait view of André Stury, ctrlX AUTOMATION Software Engineer

One of them is André Stury. He is on fire for Machine Learning and AIoT - because that is where the future lies. In 2018, he started the development of the first ctrlX AUTOMATION app as part of the team: today's "Device Admin" forms the basis for further web-based applications. André is driven by one thing in particular: the design freedom that results from different technologies, paradigms, programming languages and scaling levels combined in one platform.


Portrait view of Maurus Bien, ctrlX AUTOMATION Application Expert

In 2018, Maurus Bien also began his work in the ctrlX AUTOMATION division. The application engineer specializes in programming interfaces and was among those who were able to provide technical support to the first lead customers. Maurus loves the infinite application possibilities of the platform. This also opens up areas of application in which Bosch Rexroth previously played only a minor role.


Portrait view of Jochen Scheib, ctrlX AUTOMATION Software Architect

When the realization of web-based engineering as a central component of ctrlX CORE was pending, Jochen Scheib was part of the initial project team and responsible for the software architecture. He has been involved with ctrlX AUTOMATION since 2017. Jochen is enthusiastic about the challenges that arise when the original automation world is combined with the flexible, fast-moving IT world. He has made it his mission to develop the right solutions for this.


Portrait view of Michael Langfinger, ctrlX AUTOMATION Area Product Owner IT Security

Michael Langfinger has been on board at ctrlX AUTOMATION since the start of the project. As a development engineer and security expert, he accompanied the development and implementation of the security mechanisms of ctrlX CORE. The increasing networking and merging of automation technology and information technology puts the topic of cyber security more and more in the focus of his work. Michael's goal is to develop a system that is always resilient and to demonstrate these capabilities.


Portrait view of Johannes Albrecht, Game Changer ctrlX developR Apps, ctrlX OS, SDK

Johannes Albrecht also helped shape the start of the project. He was able, for example, to help develop the cornerstones for the ctrlX CORE and the ctrlX Data Layer. The Game Changer is responsible for the Software Development Kit (SDK), apps and the operating system ctrlX OS. With the SDK, users have almost every possibility to implement their own software building blocks in order to ideally specialize the controller to their own process. Through ctrlX World, it is possible for more and more third-party companies to contribute their own apps.


Portrait view of Mauro Riboni, ctrlX AUTOMATION Application Engineer

Mauro Riboni has been pursuing the IoT topic focus as part of ctrlX AUTOMATION since 2019. The Application Engineer supports clientele in designing their applications and using the latest apps available. He sees the system as the best option for the next generations to get into automation and at the same time as the optimal solution to let the IT and OT worlds coexist. It opens up so many possibilities that the only limit is imagination.


Numerous other developR and developers from customer and partner companies as well as influencers work together every day to ensure that ctrlX AUTOMATION is and remains always two steps ahead in the market.

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