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Connecting IoT applications: with the Node-RED app

Simple implementation of IoT use cases according to the modular principle – this is what Node-RED, a graphical development tool developed by IBM, stands for. ctrlX AUTOMATION users benefit from the advantages of the open source software. The Node-RED framework is seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem of the automation platform and additionally connected to the ctrlX CORE user management. In addition, users receive specially created nodes for accessing the ctrlX Data Layer. The fast, intuitive realization of need-based IoT applications through visual programming is one of the key effects of this solution.

With Node-RED, hardware, interfaces and services can be connected with each other as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The software uses visual programming and combines input, output and processing nodes into a flow. This logical connection allows things to be controlled and steered as well as program sequences to be realized.

ctrlX AUTOMATION users can easily benefit from these advantages. The Node-RED app is part of the automation platform and forms a central element here as an IoT gateway in interaction with the ctrlX Data Layer to connect a wide variety of devices.

This makes it possible to reach systems with the different protocols provided by Node-RED. Thanks to numerous practical examples and intuitive handling, the solution can be easily implemented even by inexperienced users.

Broad range of application for IoT use cases

Besides the visual flow-based programming for fast and easy realization of IoT applications, the large community behind Node-RED, which provides a variety of functions via GibHub, was a main argument for the integration into ctrlX AUTOMATION. Users now have numerous expansion options at their disposal.

In addition, a new expansion stage in the ctrlX IOT product family is already being planned, which will focus on database-based storage of the data acquired with Node-RED. Historical data is used, among other things, to create added value through comparability. In the future, more apps will be added via the ctrlX World partner program, which will use Node-RED directly or enable further use cases in interaction with Node-RED.

The application scenarios are manifold. For example, Prescient Devices, Inc. (PDI) offers a solution for rapid IoT application development in ctrlX World. With the Node-RED-based Prescient Designer, users can design, simulate, deploy, operate and extend IoT/AI systems. This allows thousands of IoT devices like the ctrlX CORE to be programmed in one place, centrally in the cloud. The program code is then simply transferred to the devices with one click. This enables efficient operation and maintenance.

Be it as an entry into the world of the Internet of Things or for sophisticated use cases: With the Node-RED solutions provided by ctrlX AUTOMATION, functions can be implemented and connections created with just a few clicks according to the modular principle. This way, companies are quickly able to act and compete in the networked world.

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