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Cabinet-free and open for intralogistics

Less is often more: Lean manufacturing is an important competitive factor for manufacturing companies. It is a question of streamlining processes in order to act more quickly and flexibly and thus achieve greater economy. This also includes bearing logistics and intralogistics. Without suitably organized logistics, an optimally planned production process is only worth half. Bosch Rexroth has therefore come up with the ultra-compact, decentralized IndraDrive Mi drive technology, a solution which offers maximum flexibility while requiring minimal space. Great savings are possible when it comes to wiring and energy consumption. When combined with the also very compact ctrlX CORE, it is an unbeatable solution.

Cabinet-free, up to 90 percent less wiring and 100 percent less energy consumption for control cabinet cooling: the version of the IndraDrive Mi drive technology with no control cabinet achieves all of these effects. Whatever the situation, it adapts to the conditions. The basic concept involves merging drive electronics and a motor to create an integrated unit. This version without a control cabinet can also be combined with other technologies featuring control cabinets.

IndraDrive Mi is therefore the ideal solution for all applications where there is little or no space for a control cabinet. In intralogistics, IndraDrive Mi is particularly ideal for use in storage and retrieval systems or mobile transport systems as a way of saving space and reducing wiring. Generally speaking, a storage and retrieval system has 2-6 axes on the lifting tackle. This means that at least one cable must be laid for each motor. With the IndraDrive Mi technology, only a single cable needs to be laid.

A load handling device from the company DAMBACH for example is fitted with IndraDrive Mi. Customers benefit as no housing is needed and up to 83 percent less wiring is required – something which reduces weight and saves space. The reduced weight allows greater dynamism and shorter process times for better storage system performance. The Multi-Ethernet interface for connecting to various communication protocols also ensures flexible connectivity


Compact drive technology meets compact control technology

The combination of the ultra-compact ctrlX CORE and ctrlX SAFETY – the fastest-reacting, most compact safety solution available on the market – results in a unique solution. After all, ctrlX CORE cleverly combines the OT and the IT world through unique app technology. For digitalization, all data are available in the ctrlX Data Layer and can easily be used. On the other side, a high-performance motion kernel with all necessary functions is available for the automation part. All of this can be programmed in a graphical manner, thus making motion programming for example much simpler.

ctrlX CORE, ctrlX SAFETY and IndraDrive are combined with the help of the Ethercat automation field bus. IndraDrive can be fully integrated into the ctrlX CORE motion kernel. As a result, cabinet-free drive technology meets future-proof, open control technology.

Various Bosch Rexroth customers already rely on this practical integrated solution. It is used for example in a mobile transport system for stacker cranes and conveyor technology. A solution of this type requires low energy consumption and a high throughput. All components are installed in the transport system. The control system, the drive technology and safety are combined in a compact manner. The DC bus performance is provided by IndraDrive Mi and Powercaps. Powercaps are storage systems which combine the benefits of batteries and supercapacitors. With ctrlX CORE, straightforward graphical programming is possible and users are given everything they need to make changes to the code quickly. A web-based HMI ensures clarity and ease of operation.

This scenario is an excellent example of the benefits resulting from a combination of the individual Bosch Rexroth components to create a needs-based, economical integrated solution. A key effect is the streamlining of processes and saving space as part of lean manufacturing.


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