Knowledge makes all the difference

Training & certification – know-how for a secure future

The ability to adapt to changing situations and to continually acquire new know-how, e.g. through training, is crucial for success nowadays. Competence management helps to ensure competitiveness on a long-term basis. Qualified employees can also fully exploit the potential of modern automation solutions. At the same time, certification creates trust among customers and partners.

With over 225 years’ experience as a global industrial company and leading specialist in drive and control technology, we have extensive product, technological and process experience. As your training partner, we are happy to share this knowledge with you and help you to gain the demanding technical qualifications needed on the exciting path of digital transformation.

In the Bosch Rexroth Academy, we get you ready for the future – with a wide range of basic training and even learning paths and training courses for advanced learners and specialists. You can book a standard training course or put together individual courses according to your company’s specific needs. You can choose between Online Training, Face-to-Face Training and eLearning or combine all of these in the form of Blended Learning. With our product training, we help you to provide tailored basic and further training and enable technical specialists to gain the necessary qualifications. With a practical focus, geared to specific target groups and with the latest methods.

Participants in a face-to-face training session sit in a training room. They use tablets to impart knowledge.

The very latest form of knowledge transfer

1. Individually tailored training

2. The latest forms of teaching and media

3. Practical, state-of-the-art equipment

4. Training geared to specific target groups

Enter Learncloud


Participants in a face-to-face training session sit in a training room. They use tablets and technical literature to impart knowledge.

As effective as possible: Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-Face Training allows know-how to be built up in a more targeted and individual manner than virtually any other training method. This type of knowledge transfer relies on personal contact. During Face-to-Face Training, we directly address your needs. We accompany you during the learning process and help to ensure its long-term effectiveness. Understanding the solutions and consolidating your knowledge are the main focus. We combine theory with a large proportion of practical learning tasks and exercises. You are in close contact with our experts at all times.

Participant of a blended learning sits in front of a PC and completes an online course

As flexible as necessary: eLearning

Learn when the time is right for you: Individually and independently on your PC – at your preferred time and location and at your own speed. You are trained using the latest technologies and guided interactively through the learning content. Our comprehensive eLearning program includes numerous courses and modules relating to modern automation and other topics. The training allows you to acquire the skills you need in the digital world – easily and flexibly.

Participant of an online training sits in front of a PC and completes a course. The trainer is connected via video conference and explains the learning content.

As digital as possible: Online Training

Meet our experts digitally – in our virtual classrooms. You can take part in the training anywhere in the world. For example, we offer various product training courses for our ctrlX AUTOMATION solution and other content relating to control and drive technology. In terms of content, the virtual courses correspond to the Face-to-Face courses. Thanks to remote access to our training hardware, practical parts of the course can be completed as they would be during Face-to-Face tuition.

Participant of a blended learning sits in front of a PC and completes an online course

As individual as possible: Blended Learning

Combining Face-to-Face and Online Training as well as eLearning results in a wide range of courses which are designed to provide the skills needed nowadays. In this way, different learning requirements can be compensated for by an individual learning path for each individual. Depending on requirements, our learning paths include a combination of learning formats to ensure learning success.

The future of automation – Part 4

Automation needs its own service world
The world of automation is changing. New service concepts geared to reliability, future viability and the digital revolution are needed here. A mix of classic and digital services over the entire product life cycle is required. Find out more about the new service world in our whitepaper.

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