Sustainability through service

Sustainability: A key value creation factor in B2B

The shift towards sustainability is well under way. What is more, a company’s ecological and social awareness is a key purchase criterion nowadays.

Remanufactured products are an important part of Bosch Rexroth’s services as they help to increase sustainability. The “Remanufactured Products” program aims to overhaul used parts instead of throwing them away and thus increase a product’s service life. This means that Bosch Rexroth takes back its old drive and control products and puts them through a professional upgrading and recycling process as part of the product overhaul.

Top-quality refurbishments give products a second life

Top-quality product refurbishments

1. Increase service life and reduce costs

2. Conserve resources

3. Reduce energy consumption

4. Reduce CO2 emissions


Remanufactured products: Ready for a new life

Image shows a green loading bar symbolizing the reuse of Bosch Rexroth products, after a product overhaul.

What has long been customary in the consumer sector is now becoming increasingly relevant in production too: Remanufacturing, recycling and reselling used parts. “Remanufactured Products” from Bosch Rexroth open up new opportunities in industrial automation, allowing companies to protect the environment and save money while taking into account sustainability too.

The Bosch Rexroth “Reuse” principle is simple: Automation products are reconditioned in accordance with the strictest of standards and are thus given a second life. It is irrelevant whether the products returned are obsolete, contaminated, defective or simply used. All wear parts are replaced and a 24-month warranty is given. All components – in a used control device for example – are carefully checked. Wherever possible, the product is fully updated from a technical point of view. At the end of the process, the remanufactured product offers a quality standard equivalent to that of a new product.

Remanufactured products offer numerous advantages when it comes to sustainable production: They require less energy and material than a new product. As a result, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less waste are produced. A remanufactured product conserves valuable primary resources and reduces the CO2 footprint by more than 50 percent compared to a new product.

Image shows an ascending green bar chart with positive trend arrow symbolizing the benefit of Bosch Rexroth sustainability measures.

Reconditioning a product also results in cost benefits for customers – with the same product quality and service life – because there is no need to procure a new product. At the same time, the availability of spare parts is increased and downtimes in factories can be significantly reduced.

If you no longer need your drive and control components, we will take them back in accordance with the “Rebuy” principle. They will then be reconditioned and recycled as part of a product overhaul. You will receive a credit note for each product that you return. As a result, you can help to conserve valuable resources and benefit financially at the same time.

We take back the majority of products belonging to the electric drive and control technology portfolio from Bosch Rexroth and Indramat. Not applicable for hydraulic products and linear technology components.
Material and waste out of the Remanufacturing processes will be recycled if possible. Our facilities and workshops have standards to describe the process of waste handling.

Sustainability – a question of service

Sustainability is long established in the consumer sector. It is now becoming an increasingly important value creation factor in the B2B sector too. Sophisticated service concepts play an important role here. Having a range of services geared to sustainability helps to conserve resources and save money. It also allows companies to offer buying incentives and achieve greater value creation. You can find out more in our whitepaper “The future of automation: Sustainability – a question of service”.

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