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Services from repairs and maintenance to modernization

First aid when machines break down, original spare parts service or remanufactured products and retrofitting for long machine service lives: Bosch Rexroth offers a comprehensive range of services for industrial automation. These include repairs and maintenance, modernization and optimization. Trained and experienced experts can also advise end users and machine manufacturers regarding the latest issues such as energy efficiency and machine safety.

Our aim is to ensure that you benefit as long and efficiently as possible from the Bosch Rexroth solutions that you use in your company. We therefore support you as a reliable service partner during all maintenance and optimization work – and we do so over the entire life cycle of your machine. We maintain the very highest quality standards in the process. Throughout the world, Bosch Rexroth is synonymous with the professional services of a complete provider. As a machine manufacturer, you benefit not only from our specific services but also from our global logistics processes.

This means that you can maximize the availability of machines thanks to comprehensive advice and services from a single provider. As a result, we significantly reduce the burden on you and increase the efficiency of your systems.

Services for industrial automation

1. Remanufactured products and modernization help to extend the life cycle of machines,

2. While quick repairs and immediate assistance minimize downtimes.

3. Original spare parts safeguard the service life and reliability of machines.

4. Service availability can be guaranteed for up to 25 years


Support and service – even for old brands

The availability of spare parts, repairs and technical support is guaranteed by Bosch Rexroth as standard not only for all products in the current portfolio but also for a period of at least 10 years beyond the active sales phase.

After that, Bosch Rexroth offers unique support services as part of an extended service phase. In many cases, machine service lives in excess of 25 years are possible – backed up by our service agreements.

Thanks to the extensive service network in 80 countries with over 200 sites, help is available quickly and is never far away.

As a service partner, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and service strategies specially for older-brand products. As a result, you can maximize the availability and efficiency of your automation technology over the entire life cycle of your machines and systems.

The services are available for the following old brands:


Graphic shows the product life cycle of Bosch Rexroth products and how this can be extended to 25 years through measures such as product overhaul, retrofit, and Long Life Service.


Classic services for automation technology

Hotline & helpdesk
Symbol Hotline & helpdesk

Always there for you: Via the global 24/7 hotline, experts from Bosch Rexroth can provide immediate assistance in emergencies, answer specific questions and offer advice as to how to solve complex problems.

When things need to move quickly, we are there at your side: With their wealth of experience, our specialists can go through initial troubleshooting measures with you on the telephone – free of charge. If necessary, our experts will arrange an urgent delivery of spare parts, organize emergency repairs or send a service technician straight to your company. After all, every minute counts when a machine breaks down. We therefore react immediately, ensure that you are given support whenever you need it and get your machine running again quickly.

Globale hotline +49 (0)9352 405060

Symbol Repair

If a component is defective, a repair can be cheaper than replacing the whole device. In the case of high-value components, it is often sufficient to replace or repair wear parts or defective components. Via the ctrlX Digital Service Assistant, you can access all service tools from any location and thus keep track of the status of your machines round the clock. Our trained technical service team can repair products within a day if necessary. We also offer a free collection service for selected products.

Quick repairs help to minimize machine downtimes, increase cost-effectiveness through the exclusive use of original spare parts and maintain safety by carrying out repairs according to manufacturer specifications. Bosch Rexroth constructs all its industrial automation products so that they can easily be dismantled and repaired if servicing is required.

The relevant components are overhauled in accordance with certified Bosch Rexroth standards and restored so that they are technically as new. Our modern, ISO 9001-certified workshops ensure consistent quality standards and offer a 24-month or, optionally, up to a 60-month warranty.

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Spare parts service
Symbol Spare parts service

Original Bosch Rexroth spare parts ensure the expected service life and reliability of your machines. After all, being able to provide the right spare parts at short notice is what matters sometimes in the event of a fault. Bosch Rexroth helps you to identify the parts you need and ensures that they are delivered quickly. Of course, only original parts are used for the maintenance of your machines.

You can also use our helpdesk or our ctrlX Digital Service Assistant to identify the spare part you need and then order it straight away via quick link. The tool is available round the clock on your smartphone or tablet.

We dispatch spare parts at short notice from our regional logistics centers. We thus ensure that you get the product you need within just a few hours in the event of an emergency. If you wish, our field service will even commission the machine for you again after parts have been replaced.

We guarantee that spare parts will be available for over 25 years. We can also supply many original spare parts for the previous Bosch, Indramat and Nyquist brands.

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Field and engineering services
Symbol Field and engineering services

Do you need help on site? Our Bosch Rexroth customer services can assist you during operations. We take over all commissioning, diagnostic and fault rectification work and can also expand systems – over the entire life cycle if necessary. As a result, system performance is improved on a lasting basis and long-term care and maintenance are possible.

Whether you are commissioning machines, dealing with application problems, programming systems or tracing and rectifying faults, our field service team can deal with all your questions when it comes to increasing productivity and extending machine life cycles anywhere in the world – and takes suitable measures actually on site. In doing so, we focus on the system as a whole with all control and drive technologies.

Our field service offers unique know-how. This means less coordination work, quicker solutions and lasting improvements in system performance.

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Remanufactured products
Symbol Remanufactured products

You can permanently increase the availability of systems by having their components completely overhauled in accordance with certified Rexroth standards so that they are technically as new. As a preventive measure, all defined wear parts are replaced to ensure the long-term productivity of your machines. Refurbishing of products can be planned and carried out gradually during quieter periods. This may be accompanied by an optional serviceability extension to allow continued operation. Thanks to the manufacturer’s 24-month warranty, the refurbished product has the same quality standards as a new product but uses far fewer resources and is thus much more sustainable.

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Retrofitting & modernization
Symbol Retrofitting & modernization

Increase the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of your machines and systems and extend their life! With retrofitting or modernization. In the process, outdated automation components are replaced by modern, high-performance alternatives. Commissioning too along with the necessary programming work is carried out by specialists from Bosch Rexroth.

With retrofitting, you can choose from various modernization solutions. These include standardized, well-tested packages for all components and systems as well as complete solutions for selected machine types.

Through modernization, we turn old into new and make new even newer! With our retrofitting solutions, our experts are able to significantly increase the life cycle of your product line. During modernization, we combine the basic technology in your machine with modern automation and the latest technologies. This is cheaper than a completely new system and ensures that the machine does not need to be replaced.

We would be happy to advise you and assess the potential for optimizing your machines and systems together.

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Service period and extension
Symbol Service period and extension

Do you want quick access to materials while optimizing costs at the same time? We can help. You can increase the service life of existing systems with extended service agreements. From the moment you commission your system, service availability can be guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Bosch Rexroth guarantees quick, reliable and worldwide delivery of specified products for industrial automation within defined timeframes. As part of the contract, we agree a detailed list of spare parts and reaction times.

This ultimately leads to increased machine availability, planning security, calculable costs and reduced storage costs, as no on-site storage is required.

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IT security consulting
Symbol IT security consulting

The security of the information and communications technologies used is one of the basic requirements in industrial automation and is thus essential when it comes to making the Factory of the Future a success. Lay the foundation for digital, connected production by protecting data relating to your machines and production processes in accordance with our high IT security standards and training your staff in this area.

Our experts carry out a threat and risk analysis on your system and come up with individual measures to protect your machines and systems. Individual vulnerability, risk and threat analyses as well as security concepts for machines or components are devised according to your individual requirements.

The resulting security concepts form the basis for effectively minimizing the identified risks. Other services that ensure IT security include the validation of applied security mechanisms, carrying out vulnerability analyses and training. Take advantage of our expertise in this area – we would be happy to pass on our knowledge during training. Play it safe with us!

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Safety consulting
Symbol Safety consulting

Optimum machine safety is an important lever when it comes to achieving maximum productivity. Bosch Rexroth helps you to make your machines safe – in accordance with the current German regulations.

Our experts will inspect your facilities in accordance with the guidelines in force in Germany. They will help you to assess the risks associated with the installed machinery and to develop and plan the necessary measures. They will even assist you with installation, commissioning and the conformity assessment. They thus reduce the burden on you in all areas and guarantee machine safety.

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The world of automation is changing. New service concepts geared to reliability, future viability and the digital revolution are needed here. A mix of classic and digital services over the entire product life cycle is required. Find out more about the new service world in our whitepaper.

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