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Automation without limits

ctrlX AUTOMATION surmounts the classic boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things. With a Linux real-time operating system, consistently open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering and a comprehensive IoT connection, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30 to 50%.

  • High flexibility: Consistent openness in hardware and software
  • Simple networking and digitization: App and IoT technology
  • Co-creation: Own ecosystem with third-party providers
  • 30 to 50% less component and engineering effort


News & Stories

Portrait view of Johannes Albrecht, Game Changer ctrlX developR Apps, ctrlX OS, SDK Johannes Albrecht


ctrlX OS: Simply open for everything

The automation of the future is not a closed space, but overcomes boundaries. This is also demonstrated by ctrlX OS. The Linux-based operating system for industry is another milestone in the ctrlX AUTOMATION world in terms of freedom and openness. Until now, ctrlX OS has been used exclusively on the universal and open ctrlX CORE control system. Now Bosch Rexroth has opened up the operating system to third-party suppliers and makes it available as a separate solution for real-time use in the industrial environment. This is unique in the market. The first technology partners are waiting in the wings. And ctrlX developR are already developing the next ideas.

Portrait view of Maurus Bien, ctrlX AUTOMATION Application Expert Maurus Bien


ctrlX developR Maurus Bien: "From drive specialist to big player"

What good is the best innovation if it doesn't find its way to the target groups? Or is not exploited to its full potential? Our ctrlX developR Maurus Bien knows this too. The application engineer specializes in programming interfaces and is himself the interface between sales and customers. In this interview, he explains why Bosch Rexroth, with the infinite application possibilities of ctrlX AUTOMATION, is now also playing a leading role in previously little-trodden territory.

Image is divided into three parts, on the left is a seagull over the sea, in the middle is a globe supported by leaves, on the right is an industrial facility with symbolized networking. With the inscription

Portrait view of Steffen Winkler, Game Changer ctrlX AUTOMATION Steffen Winkler


Automation trends 2023: Openness continues to prevail

In industrial automation, willingness to embrace greater openness continues to grow – both in terms of technology and the cooperation between the various players. Bosch Rexroth shows what this means in reality, why the degree of automation continues to increase and that the resilience of supply chains as well as sustainability and energy efficiency will shape the sector in 2023.