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Package consumer goods the intelligent and efficient way

Nowadays, consumer goods such as potato crisps and chocolate bars but also non-food products need to be packaged and dispatched more and more quickly and cheaply. However, the high packaging speed must not be at the expense of sealing, which plays a key role in ensuring a longer shelf life and product safety. This requires supporting technologies that can speed up and automate packaging processes.

By using automation solutions in packaging machines, manufacturers can increase efficiency: They can achieve faster production cycles and package more products per unit of time. This offers significant economic benefits. In addition, systems can be adapted to meet different or new packaging requirements much more quickly. Automation solutions also help to ensure consistently high quality by guaranteeing compliance with specific standards and requirements and minimizing errors in processes that were previously performed manually.

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth offers integrated, modular automation solutions for the packaging industry – and for consumer goods in particular. The open complete solution includes all hardware and software components for automatically controlling, regulating, monitoring and optimizing packaging machines, e.g. form, fill and seal machines. The automation toolkit provides hardware and software as well as services and offers a modular complete system which connects, controls and orchestrates all components. The package is rounded off with apps that are available as needed to expand the range of functions for applications in the packaging industry.

New automation solutions for packaging machines

The ctrlX AUTOMATION toolkit offers almost unlimited freedom and can provide drive as well as control and connectivity solutions in many areas of the packaging industry. One area of application is so-called form, fill and seal machines or flow wrappers with vertical and horizontal seals, i.e. VFFS (Vertical Form, Fill and Seal) and HFFS (Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal). The vertical version of the flow wrapper is particularly suitable for packaging products such as potato crisps, while the horizontal version can be used to package chocolate bars for example – at high speed and with reliable sealing.

ctrlX AUTOMATION provides ideal support for both types of flow wrapper – in low range application (LRA), mid range application (MRA) and high range application (HRA) systems.

In the smallest solution (LRA), the control system is integrated into the drive for the first axis. The other two axes are packaged in a double axis drive. The ctrlX CORE control system is connected to the decentralized ctrlX I/O and the ctrlX SAFETY system via EtherCAT. Sensors for temperature, contrast or the master axis encoder are frequently used in this type of application. Safe Torque Off is achieved with the help of discrete wiring. The web-based ctrlX HMI is also connected to the compact control system. The HMI server can run in the controller itself in combination with a web panel or on a Windows PC (e.g. panel PC) to optimize and safeguard the performance of the ctrlX CORE. This results in a space-saving, safe and economical overall solution for very high efficiency.

If necessary, the solution can be expanded with additional components and scaled to meet the very highest requirements. The app architecture allows easy integration of Bosch Rexroth's own know-how and applications from Bosch Rexroth or third-party providers, for example in the field of motion and IoT. The ctrlX MOTION app and the Bosch Device Bridge app are examples of these.

ctrlX AUTOMATION was designed for simplicity. Bosch Rexroth allows easy engineering with intuitive usability. A ready-to-use, open application project for flow wrappers offers users numerous advantages such as: Starting the first project in just 10 minutes, up to 60% time savings during coding, increased code reusability, web HMI in a responsive design and open source code.

The automation system is also future-proof and with “Security by Design” offers maximum security on all levels. Thanks to integrated IoT solutions, it even opens the door to the smart factory.

Image of a computer monitor showing an application configuration of ctrlX Configurator.

ctrlX Configurator

With the ctrlX Configurator, you can design your automation solutions intuitively. The procedure for individually configuring them is easy, quick and reliable. The desired system topologies can be put together exactly as needed and retrieved 24/7.

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Example applications for packaging solutions:

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers automation solutions for a variety of packaging applications for form, fill and seal machines.

ctrlX AUTOMATION drive-based automation architecture for the consumer goods industry with ctrlX HMI, ctrlX DRIVE, ctrlX SAFETY and ctrlX IO

LRA form, fill and seal machine

Space-saving, safe and economical automation with integrated control system in the drive.

ctrlX Configurator Example

ctrlX AUTOMATION control-based automation architecture for the consumer goods industry with ctrlX CORE, ctrlX I/O, ctrlX HMI, ctrlX SAFETY and ctrlX DRIVE

MRA form, fill and seal machine

A high level of flexibility thanks to integrated SafeMotion functions in the drive and ctrlX CORE in the embedded version, additional connection options to 3rd party controllers as well as the option of connecting the ctrlX I/Os to the ctrlX CORE directly without a bus coupler.

ctrlX Configurator Example

ctrlX AUTOMATION control-based automation architecture for the consumer goods industry with ctrlX CORE, ctrlX I/O, ctrlX HMI, ctrlX SAFETY and ctrlX DRIVE

HRA form, fill and seal machine

Maximum performance and connectivity thanks to ctrlX CORE, numerous sensors and I/O Link integration, extended safety portfolio and clever combination of ctrlX DRIVE and IndaDrive Mi. Any extension of the application example possible by adding solutions from ctrlX World partners, e.g. WAGO, ifm or SICK.

ctrlX Configurator Example

ctrlX developR Community

Do you need further assistance? In the ctrlX developR Community you will find blog articles, GitHub applications or how to articles on packaging topics and many other areas of application for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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