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ctrlX WORKS make life as easy as possible for users. The practical ctrlX AUTOMATION software and engineering toolbox is synonymous with straightforward engineering and significantly reduces outlay and costs. It opens up completely new freedoms when it comes to creating, providing and using functions.

ctrlX WORKS make life as easy as possible for users. The practical ctrlX AUTOMATION software and engineering toolbox is synonymous with straightforward engineering and significantly reduces outlay and costs. It opens up completely new freedoms when it comes to creating, providing and using functions.


The highlights of the toolbox for engineering

ctrlX WORKS is the ideal solution for engineering of automation solutions. Users enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to a full range of software and programming tools. ctrlX WORKS already includes an extensive portfolio of high-performance libraries and building blocks for typical automation tasks. In addition, users can develop their own applications in any programming language. The ctrlX Store and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community round off the services for engineering and programming.

Simplicity and the greatest possible degrees of freedom characterize the benefits of ctrlX WORKS.

Flexible and open:

  • Integration of your own software
  • Additional apps can be added later on
  • Unrestricted expandability through apps

Free choice of programming language:

  • IEC61131, PLCopen, G-code
  • C/C#, Python, Java
  • Node-RED, Visual Coding

Straightforward start-up and engineering:

  • App-based and web-based engineering
  • Virtual testing without hardware

Online services:

  • ctrlX App Store
  • ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

A new dimension of engineering

ctrlX AUTOMATION gives users all the freedom of app technology found on a smartphone. New automation and control functions can easily be added via app. The Software Development Kit (SDK) gives developers the ability to create their own apps for the ctrlX AUTOMATION ecosystem. To do this, they can access software tools, libraries, documentation and programming examples, for example to access the ctrlX Data Layer. Programming is possible in C++, C#, Python or Google Go. The development environment also supports GitHub. As a result, users have access to virtually unlimited programming capacity and pre-programmed functions when engineering.

For user-friendly management, development, adaptation and optimization of automation projects, ctrlX WORKS offers a range of powerful PC-based engineering tools for ctrlX PLC, ctrlX DRIVE, ctrlX I/O and ctrlX SAFETY. This gives users access to ready-made libraries, building blocks, templates or widgets. Pre-commissioning and testing of automation functions can be carried out purely PC-based – without the need for hardware – by using ctrlX COREvirtual, which is provided in ctrlX WORKS.

In addition to the use of PC-based engineering tools, ctrlX AUTOMATION also supports configuration and commissioning of automation components as well as the completely web-based creation of application programs on the control hardware.

With its wide range of options, ctrlX AUTOMATION links the past, present and future of automation technology and offers users maximum flexibility. In addition to classic programming, e.g. with IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, applications can be created in a variety of programming languages or with modern low-code programming based on graphical program blocks according to your needs and preferences.

Looking for the future with digital twins

With the high degree of innovation of ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth supports the latest technologies and applications in the market. This also includes digital twins and simulations. Digital twins – i.e. digital images of tangible or intangible objects or processes – have become an indispensable part of the product lifecycle. They exist in different forms as a combination of models and data: for individual components, entire machines or complete production processes. They are used to make engineering or production processes more efficient and safer – beyond the corporate boundaries of a component or machine manufacturer and up to the end user.

Looking to the future with digital Twins

ctrlX AUTOMATION picks up on this technology trend and offers users various options for using digital twins. This way, one or more virtual controls can be created on a PC with the engineering of ctrlX WORKS. The ctrlX COREvirtual is based on the identical software as the real control and allows testing and commissioning without control hardware.

Bosch Rexroth also offers digital twins for its extensive range of drives and motors. Various drive models are available on the market for different application scenarios, for example for the simulation environments MATLAB/Simulink, Modelica-based systems and ISG Virtuos. With the help of these models, drive systems can be commissioned, parameterized and optimized virtually, also as part of the consideration of mechatronic systems and complete machines.

In addition to the digital twins of the ctrlX AUTOMATION products, the openness and expandability of the system offers a wealth of possibilities for implementing IoT functionalities for data acquisition and thus for generating digital twins of a complete production process. For this purpose, users can employ IoT apps from Bosch Rexroth or partners from the ctrlX World program and develop their own apps with the help of the software development kit.


"ctrlX WORKS offers a range of options, allowing users to keep pace with change and the challenges of software development and to react quickly to changes within the market. At the same time, significant savings can be made: with the engineering apps, machine manufacturers for example can reduce their engineering outlay by up to 50%."

Karsten Kreusch, Game Changer ctrlX WORKS

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