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ctrlX PLC

PLC software for scalable power

ctrlX AUTOMATION ensures that your machine can handle whatever the future has in store. ctrlX PLC provides a scalable PLC control solution which combines the advantages of classic PLC automation with the communication and functional requirements of the Internet of Things. This perfect combination is paving the way for the Factory of the Future.

The pioneering ctrlX PLC software is as powerful as it is flexible. The fact that it boasts various different scalable levels for basic, standard and advanced tasks means that it is always the ideal solution for projects of varying sizes.

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ctrX PLC software highlights

As it is integrated in the open automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION, which is based on the embedded operating system Linux Ubuntu Core with real-time extension, function extensions can be added via apps without any issues. This means that ctrlX PLC can be tailored to suit any task as necessary. Users have the freedom to use both apps from the ctrlX Store and their own apps. Ready-made function modules, program templates and automatic code generation via a REST interface also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering.

The ctrlX Data Layer provides access to all real-time and non-real-time data. It ensures centralized provision of the data selected by the user in order to enable seamless integration with other apps. Established standards such as OPC UA and MQTT ensure that the collated data and information can be shared with other systems. For control of servo drives, I/O and other field devices, ctrlX AUTOMATION mostly uses the proven performance and reliability of EtherCAT. Networking with other control systems is possible via OPC UA, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP. The power range means that ctrlX PLC can be integrated into an extremely wide range of automation environments.

The entire system involves a belt-and-braces approach to security, from the design of ctrlX AUTOMATION through to the security-by-design approach and the dedicated security apps for firewall and VPN which can be additionally supplemented – all of which is IEC 62443-certified.

ctrlX PLC systems can be centrally administered extremely easily via the ctrlX Device Portal, enabling efficient management.

The benefits for users at a glance:

  • Easy start – Intuitive launching and programming
  • Linux-based – Open, stable and secure real-time operating system
  • Straightforward app integration – Own apps and apps from third-party providers
  • ctrlX Data Layer – Centralized access to all real-time and non-real-time data
  • Free choice of programming language – IEC 61131, high-level programming or graphical languages
  • Full performance – Cutting-edge 64-bit multi-core ARM CPU

Flexible PLC architectures for a wide range of applications

Straightforward integration, launch and work processes

A key feature of ctrlX PLC is how user-friendly it is. The PLC software enables users to make a swift start and boasts advantages in terms of engineering. Based on the standard programming tool for engineering – in accordance with IEC 61131 – with ctrlX PLC users benefit from intuitive launching and programming. Everything is integrated in the software and engineering toolbox ctrlX WORKS in order to ensure swift, centralized access.

Even the app integration process is a breeze – regardless of whether it involves in-house developed apps or apps from third-party providers. Users can create their PLC program, for example, with applications and tools to suit their needs:

  • Own real-time applications – High-level language programming for more complex tasks in real time
  • Open source – Graphical open-source programming tools for swift diagnostics and visualization
  • Application of scripting languages – Use of scripting language applications for algorithms, and integration of in-house developed apps and third-party apps in various different languages
  • PLC add-ons – Selected CODESYS PLC add-ons for an extremely wide range of different tasks

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