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Today's technology.
Ready for future standards.

The new world of automation: Simple. Complete. Open.

A whole new world of automation is emerging. Because rigid, complex automation systems no longer meet the requirements in markets that are characterized by ever shorter product life cycles and ever fiercer competition. In addition, it is important to exploit the potential of digitalization and networking by combining control technology, IT and IoT in a meaningful way. As a consistently open automation platform, ctrlX AUTOMATION provides all the building blocks for complete automation solutions with the ctrlX World ecosystem. The system is modular, scalable and covers the requirements for almost all applications as needed. Automation without limits.

Open to all generations

Automation requires easy-to-use, individual complete solutions that can be assembled as required. With the openness of ctrlX AUTOMATION, components of existing and new product lines can be ideally combined to create the best solution.

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10 reasons for ctrlX AUTOMATION


Complete solution for industry 4.0

Hardware and software from a single source

ctrlX AUTOMATION provides all the elements required for complete automation solutions. The system is extremely scalable and covers the requirements for practically all applications.

The system functions complement each other perfectly and can also be extended by apps, third-party hardware and software thanks to the absolute openness of the system. Offering the best possible networking capability, the automation system is also connected with just about all relevant automation interfaces and protocols, and offers complete freedom in the choice of development environment and programming language.

Systematically flexible:

  • Maximum scalability and extensibility
  • Perfectly harmonized system functions
  • Virtually all common interfaces and programming languages supported


Less is more

More productivity, fewer components, faster engineering

More compact machines and systems, less hardware, faster installation, and significantly reduced software installations – all of this is possible thanks to ctrlX AUTOMATION. That's because when developing all components and functions, the developers focused where possible on reducing components and complexity and minimizing footprint. Right down to the smallest detail.

The space required is reduced significantly since the installation size of all automation components is some 50 % smaller on average. Many individual components that were required to date are no longer necessary thanks to the dramatic reduction in component diversity and functional integration.

This simplifies the ordering and delivery logistics as well as the replacement procurement. The systematic use of web technology reduces the software installations required and enables maximum flexibility in terms of the hardware used for engineering, diagnostics, and service.

ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces

  • Space requirements
  • Installation times
  • Control cabinet sizes
  • Service and spare parts requirements
  • Logistics work
  • Transaction costs


Consistent performance

Performance at the highest level

The ctrlX CORE is the powerful heart that beats inside ctrlX AUTOMATION. A high-performance 64-bit multicore CPU forms the basis for all automation topologies – regardless of whether PC-based, as an embedded controller or integrated in the drive.
It therefore breaks the typical boundaries between the device platforms. The performance of a ctrlX CORE CPU is more than adequate for practically all automation tasks and, for example, enables synchronization of more than 200 servo drives. Future CPU upgrades are guaranteed to require no software adaptations.

ctrlX CORE offers

  • Maximum performance
  • Universal use in all devices and topologies
  • Long-term availability thanks to full upgrade compatibility
  • Service support over the long-term with guaranteed availability


Connec­tivity at its best

Connect all interfaces

Flexible automation solutions demand connectivity. And as the system boasting the best possible connectivity, ctrlX AUTOMATION focuses uncompromisingly on standardized as well as sector and manufacturer-neutral interfaces. In addition to EtherCAT, the system also supports PROFINET and IO-Link. More than 30 interfaces to IT systems such as OPC UA and MQTT ensure seamless communication within the entire Factory of the Future.

ctrlX I/O provides a virtually unlimited portfolio of powerful interfaces. Analog and digital I/Os or encoder interfaces are used for connecting additional components or for system enhancements and for communication with external infrastructures. They enable direct control of small and stepper motors.

ctrlX I/O offers

  • Maximum freedom of design in automation
  • The most connectible system
  • Long-term availability thanks to systematic openness


Uniform Archi­tecture

Most modern hard- and software technology

ctrlX AUTOMATION uses Linux, the most stable and reliable real-time operating system in the world. The ctrlX Data Layer is the central element of the architecture. It implements simple and central access to all available system data and parameters including authorization management – and in real time too. With 8 million potential accesses per second, maximum performance is assured.

In addition, the system architecture allows developers to effortlessly implement further system functions at any time as apps and open source software. The automation platform is therefore available to a vast global community of programmers who create new functions in programming languages of their choice. This accelerates the development of innovations and process improvements.

Fully adaptable systems

  • User-developed software can be executed without limitation
  • Apps and open source software can be created and integrated
  • Functions can be installed afterwards at any time, even at run time
  • Apps exchange data in real time and non-real time
  • Security is assured thanks to configurable user administration


The most open auto­mation system on the market

Can be implemented in every ecosystem

As a universal automation system, ctrlX AUTOMATION speaks many languages. The system software can be selected, configured, and programmed across all popular programming languages by means of the flexible and modular software and engineering solution, ctrlX WORKS. Developers are therefore not restricted in their choice of development environment and can use different programming languages in their projects.

The constantly growing demands with respect to Industry 4.0 applications can therefore be fulfilled with minimum effort, backed by the integrated OPC UA server with its unrivaled range of functions and MQTT protocol support. ctrlX CORE uses EtherCAT as standard as a real-time Ethernet master.

The ctrlX DRIVE servo drives support the most common real-time Ethernet protocols as a slave connection.

Ultimate technological advantage

  • Free choice of programming language
  • Key industry standards can be used straight away
  • System functionality can be extended
  • Structured and secure access to data with the ctrlX Data Layer
  • Savings in terms of line control systems because data is available centrally


Unique IOT integration

Seamless transition to the Internet

Integration of the automation world and Internet of Things in the Factory of the Future is an absolute prerequisite for improving competitiveness in the digital age. ctrlX AUTOMATION offers better connectivity than any other system and can be integrated in all IT, edge, and cloud systems.

Security updates, backups, and upgrades of new software features are performed centrally, simultaneously, and efficiently by means of the ctrlX Device Portal. Future standards such as 5G and OPC UA over TSN are already prepared. A security solution certified according to IEC 62443 ensures secure exchange of data. A VPN extension or firewall installation can also be implemented optionally via app.

Device Management

  • Cloud-based device management via the ctrlX Device Portal
  • Security updates and bug fixing, new function upgrades
  • Backup and recovery of automation projectsl

IOT Integration

  • IoT Connector for IT systems via OPC UA Client and Server, MQTT
  • Expansion through customer-specific IoT apps
  • Ready for new standards: 5G, OPC UA over TSN ...


  • Security by default
  • Security by design
  • Certified IT security to IEC 62443
  • Secure production mode

Reliable connectivity

  • Automated software updates
  • Simple backup and restore
  • Effective protection against cyber attacks


The revolution in engineering

Building machines means developing software

With its forward-looking software architecture, ctrlX AUTOMATION offers a previously unrivaled degree of freedom and efficiency, allowing developers to overcome the challenges of contemporary software development quickly and creatively.

In addition to classic PLC and motion functions, they can flexibly design additional functions in numerous programming languages and combine them with one another.

The modular ctrlX WORKS software solution increases engineering efficiency in this regard by 30 to 50 %. Web-based system configuration therefore allows fast and simple start-up without the need to install software. A completely virtual development environment is available for engineering without the use of hardware. Added to this are the online services of the ctrlX Device Portal and the ctrlX Developer Community, which is linked with the GitHub software platform with its forums and how-to videos.

Straightforward start-up

Web-based access to program code in just a few minutes without software installation

Free choice of programming language

IEC 61131, PLCopen, G-Code, C/C#, Python, Java, Node-RED, Blockly ...

Straightforward individualization

  • Own software/IP
  • Third-party provider
  • Open source

Unlimited functionality

Unrestricted expandability through apps

Virtual control

Unrestricted virtual availability of control and software environment

Online Services

  • ctrlX Device Portal
  • ctrlX Developer Community
  • GitHub

Future-based development

  • Faster engineering times
  • Rapid implementation of innovations
  • Shorter commissioning times
  • Know-how and security of investment


Long-term availa­bility and digital services

Best-in-Class service and support

ctrlX AUTOMATION sets the standard on the market for the longest product availability. Bosch Rexroth ensures additional availability of all components for at least ten years after the end of the active production availability and therefore secures service capability in the long term. This period can even be extended to a total of 25 years thanks to an optional add-on service.

Bosch Rexroth supports machine manufacturers and end users worldwide with a 24/7 service hotline, rapid availability of spare parts at any location as well as repairs. Application specialists provide advice and support during engineering, commissioning, and maintenance.

The automation platform also offers state-of-the-art digital services, such as the ctrlX Store for downloading individually required software, the ctrlX Device Portal for easy central management of controllers, and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community for support, know-how transfer and news.


  • Service, spare parts, and repairs 24/7 globally
  • Up to 25 years’ product availability at the end of production
  • The ctrlX Digital Service Assistant enables direct service activities
  • The ctrlX Device Portal allows cloud-based device management


The most future-proof auto­mation system

100% investment security

The decision in favor of an automation system and its provider is critical in terms of long-term competitiveness in all sectors. Maximum future-proofing and protection of investment of the products as well as an automation partner that can be totally relied upon are basic prerequisites in this respect.

Bosch Rexroth embraces this responsibility with ctrlX AUTOMATION. Future standards, trends, and extension options have therefore always played a vital role in its development activities and continue to do so. Thanks to the uncompromisingly open and platform-neutral system architecture at all levels, ctrlX AUTOMATION even today offers the possibility to use future standards such as 5G, OPC UA over TSN, or pending programming languages as soon as they are ready for market.

It will therefore also be possible in future for machine manufacturers and users to implement new types of automation concepts, whether intelligent AI systems, central server-based solutions or distributed systems. This ensures full protection of investment and creates trust.

Developed with vision

  • Uncompromisingly open, no proprietary systems or interfaces
  • Free choice of programming language
  • Hardware-independent software
  • Extremely long availability of all components
  • Ready for future standards such as 5G, TSN, AI etc.

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