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Lettering of the ctrlX developR Confrence (XCON 2022). A ctrlX CORE industrial controller can be seen in the background.

XCON 2022: Conference euphoria and 220 people unite to form a community

On July 13 and 14, 220 developers and industry experts united at the first ctrlX developR Conference 2022 in an extraordinary location, the TechPark of the Bosch Rexroth Customer and Innovation center in Ulm. A conference made for developers!

On both days everything revolved around the topic AUTOMATION IS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. A comprehensive program was offered with eleven keynotes by industry experts such as XITASO, Cedalo and HD Vision as well as the ctrlX developR Challenge jury Gabriele Geiger from EPLAN, Dr. Kristina Wagner from KUKA and Volker Glöckle from SICK.

In 13 different breakout sessions, tech talk rounds and guided tours through the Factory of the Future, we shared our knowledge and made software hearts beat faster on topics such as Software Development Kit, IOT, Security, ctrlX Data Layer, APIs, Machine Learning, Handling, Robotics, PLC and HMI as well as Open Source.

At the same time, the ctrlX devlopR Conference also heralded the finals of the ctrlX developR Challenge. A unique competition in which participants in one of five categories implemented their project ideas with ctrlX CORE and were able to test ctrlX AUTOMATION to its full extent - true to the motto: Push your idea TWO STEPS AHEAD.

See for yourself and be there at the next ctrlX developR Conference.

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