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Blue colored image with ctrlX CORE, the industrial control hardware for CNC, PLC and motion applications

ctrlX developR Challenge: Who will develop the winning code?

The countdown continues: on September 21, the registration period for the ctrlX developR Challenge began. From now on, ambitious developers are invited to submit their creative ideas for innovative automation solutions. Those who win over the jury can then realize their vision with the ctrlX CORE control platform. Bosch Rexroth is thus encouraging innovations from users for users and is once again showing how ctrlX AUTOMATION supports co-creation!

Who not only has programming talent but can also come up with brilliant ideas for tomorrow’s automation solutions? The ctrlX developR Challenge will show who can write automation history together with Bosch Rexroth.

The aim of the international competition is to apply the ideas and requirements of software developers in a practical context. Through the challenge, Bosch Rexroth would like to encourage partnerships and innovations centering on its ctrlX AUTOMATION platform.

ctrlX AUTOMATION is synonymous with openness – when it comes to all hardware and software components and as regards co-creation. Numerous new features and improvements come about through close partnerships with partner companies and users and then filter through into the ctrlX World ecosystem. As a result, strengths are bundled together and the entire portfolio is then geared to the actual requirements. The ctrlX developR Challenge underlines this principle.

Prove your talent and seize an opportunity for progress!

The competition brings together the best and most creative developers with the most versatile, open and powerful control system on the market.

The application phase for taking part in the free competition will run until December 31. After that, the participants will be selected and introduced to the mentors who will support them during the entire process and the challenge kits including the necessary hardware and software as well as some goodies will be handed over. The actual competition will then take place from February 2022. At the end of May, the winners will be announced by a renowned jury during a pitch event. The resulting innovations have a good chance of being included in Bosch Rexroth’s automation platform on a permanent basis. As a result, ideas evolve into solutions and projects.

Applications are possible in five categories or application areas:

Simplify engineering:
Who connects complex processes, systems and applications and makes them quicker, simpler and easier to operate? From IoT solutions and Node-RED to the use of power functions for automating engineering routines.

Extend and connect:
Who extends the existing ctrlX AUTOMATION infrastructure in the cleverest, most creative and the most useful way? Everything revolves around extensions, APIs and robotics projects here.

Smarten up automation:
Who teaches systems to think, work and play independently and without supervision? With AI applications or for example condition monitoring solutions.

Empower the user:
Who uses the ctrlX AUTOMATION tools most effectively in order to maximize the benefits and simplify operation? From human-computer interaction and mobile automation and robotics to projects with a positive influence on society and our planet.

Create your own:
Who has an idea for a completely new application which goes beyond all imagination and the given categories?

Achieving the goal together – with support from the big names in automation

The participants develop their own ideas but, in keeping with the co-creation principle, are not left alone. They receive specialist support throughout the solution phase – not only from their Bosch Rexroth mentors but also from the ctrlX World partner companies. Experts for questions and discussions relating to the challenge are also available in the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community. The participants can even meet renowned figures from the automation sector and talk to the ctrlX AUTOMATION developers in person.

Throughout the challenge, participants will communicate with Bosch Rexroth via social media. They can report on their project during video calls and present results along the way.

At the end, the jury will pay particular attention to the idea and the approach; technical methods and implementation; added value, potential and the marketing concept and the final pitch presentation.

Challenge accepted? Push your ideas two steps ahead!

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