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Programming made easy: With Smart HMI in the ctrlX World

Shows Monitor with programming of modern HMI design. This is possible with WebIQ, the HMI and SCADA solution from Smart HMI.

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) between humans and machines plays a key role in the further development of industrial automation: It allows communication, data exchange and control between users and the automated system. But how can a high-quality, modern HMI design be achieved without programming knowledge? This is possible with WebIQ, the 100 percent web-based HMI and SCADA solution from Smart HMI GmbH. In the interview, Tanja Brinks, Managing Director of the company, explains the low code visualization system and shows how important the ctrlX World is here.

Smart HMI developed WebIQ. What’s your solution capable of?

Smart HMI offers a full range of services: From design to the implementation of customized HMI solutions with WebIQ. The HMI system which is based on web technology includes a range of design features for creating professional web HMIs, even without programming knowledge. WebIQ has a simple structure and does not use legacy code. We also offer full support for responsive layouts, so that the HMI runs smoothly everywhere – whether it be on a machine, a tablet or a smartphone.

How does WebIQ fit in with the ctrlX World?

As a Bosch Rexroth partner, we allow users in the ctrlX World to create Web HMIs for ctrlX AUTOMATION – whether it be for simple process control systems with few displays or demanding web HMIs for machines and systems. The WYSIWYG HMI editor, numerous ready-made web widgets and sophisticated styling and layout functions make the system easy to use. If necessary, the web visualization, which is based on standard technologies, can be expanded flexibly. It runs as an app on the control platform ctrlX CORE but can also be executed on other ctrlX AUTOMATION components such as ctrlX IPC.

Smart HMI is a very special partner. Why?

We were once the very first partner in ctrlX World with an app in the ctrlX Store and we’re very proud of this. We’re pleased that Bosch Rexroth recognized the great potential of WebIQ and that we are thus part of the ctrlX AUTOMATION success story.

And what in particular do you like about the ctrlX World?

Our modular, adaptable “low code” visualization system allows users to achieve a high-quality, modern HMI design even without programming knowledge. We’d like to enable our customers to generate individual web HMIs to meet their requirements. As a result, we fit in perfectly with the ctrlX AUTOMATION philosophy which is based on simplicity and openness.

With the international ctrlX AUTOMATION team, we’ve gained important brand ambassadors for WebIQ on all continents. We get a lot of insights about the wishes of our target groups and hints for the further development of WebIQ.

What is the partnership with Bosch Rexroth like?

We’ve been part of the ctrlX AUTOMATION world since the end of 2019. We’ve taken part in numerous WebIQ onboarding sessions around the world, working shoulder to shoulder with Bosch Rexroth's global teams, and we hope to continue this in the future too. Via the forum in the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community, we deal with numerous inquiries regarding WebIQ every day. There’s a great deal of interest in modern HMI solutions. We travel the world with the Bosch Rexroth team on a joint mission to make our solutions more accessible to customers. This helps to raise awareness of our product and we learn a lot.

How would you rate the development of ctrlX AUTOMATION?

The development work for the ctrlX AUTOMATION toolkit is very promising. New apps, functions and solutions are being announced all the time. This diversity has extremely positive effects both for our customers and our market presence. Users can draw from a full range of solutions and solve their automation tasks as necessary. And we benefit from the reach that the partner world provides.

We’d like to work even more closely with Bosch Rexroth in the future. We intend to gradually expand our joint offering, especially in the area of sector-specific solutions.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding ctrlX AUTOMATION, please contact us:

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Portrait view of Tanja Brinks, Smart HMI GmbH

Tanja Brinks

Managing Director
Smart HMI GmbH



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