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Next Level Automation and Co-Creation

During the 5th trade press conference on October 24 at Bosch Haus Heidehof in Stuttgart, we will inform about trends in automation and offer exciting news about partnerships as well as the growing ecosystem around ctrlX AUTOMATION.

The value of an ecosystem lies in the cooperation of different companies that contribute and combine their strengths, perspectives, experiences and technologies.

With the ctrlX OS operating system and Co-Creation, Bosch Rexroth is enabling a completely new kind of collaboration for everyone in the automation market. At our press conference, you will get exclusive insights into how this works and where solutions are already in use.

We will also be showing news from our partner world ctrlX World and a new high-speed solution for transport in the modern factory.


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Portrait view of Steffen Winkler, Game Changer ctrlX AUTOMATION

Steffen Winkler

Game Changer


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