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New Freedom in Automation – Game Changers @ SPS 2022

With its market launch at SPS 2019, ctrlX AUTOMATION created a whole new world of automation and is since then known as an all-rounder that is secure, open, smart and future-proof. At the SPS 2022 booth, visitors were able to experience ctrlX AUTOMATION live, including all its novelties and highlights.

Missed the trade fair? Learn more about ctrlX AUTOMATION, ctrlX OS, ctrlX FLOW6D, Apps & Engineering, Co-Creation and ctrlX World, energy efficiency solutions and the service portfolio here.

Next level of openness and freedom: ctrlX OS

ctrlX OS is the real-time capable, Linux-based operating system, which was previously used exclusively on the control system ctrlX CORE. It is now also available as a separate solution for the industrial environment. The operating system can be used at all levels, i. e. from the field level to the cloud, and on a wide variety of hardware and is therefore seamlessly connecting even more automation components to the entire ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio, including the partner solutions of ctrlX World.

Everything in the flow: ctrlX FLOW6D

With ctrlX FLOW6D, contactless high-performance transport and positioning reaches a new level. The planar system offers greater freedom of movement and maximum precision. The free-floating transport platforms, so-called movers, are moved on a horizontal, vertical or overhead working surface. Each mover acts in six degrees of freedom (6DOF) at high speed and with great precision – without any friction or pollution.

High flexibility through apps & new engineering functions

ctrlX AUTOMATION is characterized by its openness and scalability at all levels – and by its app technology. The automation solution can be adapted at any time by simply installing apps. For example, scalable solutions from ctrlX MOTION are available for download, as well as various IoT solutions such as VPN and firewall for more security. Individual functions can be created using any programming languages such as Blockly, Python, IEC 61131, PLCopen and C/C#.

ctrlX World – the partner world is growing

ctrlX AUTOMATION enables faster time-to-market and efficient production. The partner-network ctrlX World supports this approach together with companies from different levels and specialist domains. In the ctrlX Store, apps from Bosch Rexroth and third-party providers can be downloaded for any automation tasks. The partner world is growing faster and faster and includes over 73 partners already.

Energy-efficient solutions for automation

Bosch Rexroth offers various solutions for designing systems for optimum energy efficiency. This includes extensive tools and models for energy and power simulations. The portfolio is supplemented by product-specific features such as the Smart Energy Mode of the drive system ctrlX DRIVE. It ensures a DC link voltage independent of the mains voltage and at the same time uses capacitors as energy storage devices.

Services for the entire life cycle

In addition to classic services such as repairs, spare parts and modernization, the service portfolio also includes digital services throughout the entire product life cycle. The ctrlX Digital Service Assistant enables access to all service tools and provides an overview of the status of the machines. The ctrlX Device Portal ensures the deployment of new software functions as well as the management and maintenance of device settings or remote maintenance.

Portrait view of Jasmin Heim, Game Changer Marketing

Jasmin Heim

Game Changer


Aufgeschlagenes Exemplar des ctrlX AUTOMATION Magazin 2022/2023

ctrlX AUTOMATION Magazine 2022/2023

"Feel free to change the game" ­– this is the motto of the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine 2022/2023. Learn more about the new freedom in industrial automation enabled by the Linux operating system ctrlX OS and the planar system ctrlX FLOW6D. You can also expect exciting customer projects, partner statements and much more.

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