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The ctrlX CORE is as simple as a smartphone

Rajvir, what is your profession?

I work as Development Engineer at Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG (Konstanz). Besides that, I am a freelancer and run an e-learning school at www.codeandcompile.com to provide various courses related to Automation and IIoT. I create professional content (product videos) for my clients, educational content for my students, work with new software/hardware in IIoT world and provide coaching to the students.

What fascinates you about your job?

I love exploring new software and hardware in my area to keep myself updated with the new technologies. I create easy-to-learn content and reach niche audiences. My best-selling courses have helped many students to get a job and start a new career. This is the biggest motivation and what fascinates me most about my job.

How and why did you become an influencer?

I never planned to become an influencer. I love technology and presenting it simply such that learning is easy and fun. Back in 2010, I had really bad experience during my Bachelor degree. That’s when I decided to start my own YouTube channel with some PLC videos. It transpired that many people liked my teaching style and wanted me to make more videos. Today, I have made more than 1000+ video tutorials on Automation and IIoT. This helped me reach more than 200k people from around the world through my YouTube, Udemy, and LinkedIn channel. I’ve never actively tried to influence people. People get influenced by simplicity and passion for work.

Which platforms have you been particularly successful on, and who is your target group?

YouTube and Udemy have been quite successful so far:

I recently started working on my own school where I launch new courses. About 8000 students attend this school. Feel free to check out at www.codeandcompile.com.

My target group is mostly students who want to learn to get into an Automation or IIoT career, professionals who want to upskill their talent, and companies who want honest product reviews and to reach niche audiences.

What is the appeal for you to test ctrlX AUTOMATION and present it in your videos?

I loved ctrlX AUTOMATION because of the simplicity of using the controller. I have worked on some controllers and edge devices to build some IIoT applications. I would say, if you have ctrlX CORE, you don’t need to investigate further. You get everything in this amazing controller. Just install an app from the ctrlX Store and use it the way you want. If you do not have an app, you can create your own app using the Software Development Kit for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

What do you and your followers like most about ctrlX AUTOMATION? Was there a lightbulb moment for you or your target group at any point?

Like I mentioned, the lightbulb moment was when my audience and I realized that you can use ctrlX CORE like a smartphone. Install the app and it’s ready to use as a PLC, HMI, OPC UA server, OPC UA Client, Bridge, 3D viewer, Oscilloscope, VPN Client and what not. Within minutes, you can change the role of ctrlX CORE just by switching the app. How amazing is that?!

What USP do you think ctrlX AUTOMATION offers compared to competitors?

  • Simplicity in the user interface for operating and configuring the devices
  • Availability of ready-to-use apps at the ctrlX Store
  • Ready-to-use documentation and GitHub repositories
  • Amazing round-the-clock quick support via the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community

Which ctrlX AUTOMATION apps, services or features do you use particularly often/frequently and why?

I am a big fan of Node-RED, so I use the Node-RED app a lot. You might have seen Node-RED app integration in all the videos I have made so far on ctrlX AUTOMATION. I like how easily you can read the data from ctrlX CORE via ctrlX Data Layer and show it on the Node-RED dashboard.

Learn more here:

What do you think needs to be optimized?

I don’t really know what could be optimized. I am so amazed with its capabilities. But for sure, more apps to use with ctrlX CORE would be great. I am looking forward to apps which help to store and analyze the data, for example Integration with MySQL, MongoDB etc...

If you were taken to a deserted island, what would you definitely take with you?

Any of the following would work for me 😍:

1. Rick Sanchez’s Portal Gun
2. Iron Man suit
3. Thor’s hammer

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