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ctrlX SERVICES: Keep it running

Automation solutions which offer outstanding technical performance are only worthwhile if they are reliable and efficient. It is therefore important to maintain, care for and manage them properly. In order to provide the best possible support for users, Bosch Rexroth offers a wide range of easy-to-use ctrlX SERVICES in the world of ctrlX AUTOMATION. Various digital services are available during the customer journey, services which simplify processes and ensure greater efficiency. They keep products alive and are often the customer’s right hand.

ctrlX Device Portal: Manage everything centrally

  • Service for new software functions and updates
  • Producing, managing and restoring backups
  • International remote maintenance access with no additional infrastructure

Managing hardware and software in automation is a key factor when it comes to efficiency. The ctrlX Device Portal solves many of these problems. It is designed not only for central switching and management but also for the maintenance and protection of devices.

The digital service allows significant savings when maintaining and updating device software. It features cloud technology and thus opens the door for the central management of control systems across sites and secure remote access to specific sites’ own control systems. Security updates and new functions can be installed, backups can be managed and information about available updates and extensions can be retrieved – all regardless of location.

To ensure that all systems are kept up to date at all times, the ctrlX Device Portal automatically provides users with synchronized information regarding devices, updates and new apps at a glance. Because direct remote maintenance access is possible via an Internet connection, no additional infrastructure is needed. The portal also allows new software functions to be put in place and app updates to be installed. As a result, users are always up to date.

And here Bosch Rexroth focuses on the topic of security: The direct connection between the app storage facility and the device prevents access by third parties and third-party devices.

The ctrlX Device Portal offers all the benefits of a digital service which extends from the operating system to the individual app.

ctrlX Digital Service Assistant: Your right hand round the clock

  • Product identification
  • Diagnostics
  • Requesting repairs and ordering spare parts

When machines stop working a quick response is needed. To ensure that users can react quickly if servicing is required, Bosch Rexroth has developed the ctrlX Digital Service Assistant. Among other things, it allows machine diagnostics to be carried out quickly or repairs to be arranged.

The digital assistant is easy to use via a tablet or smartphone – round the clock. As a result, maintenance staff can access machine components in the production environment and view the documents, order spare parts, contact the service department or arrange repairs depending on the particular service case.

The service app from Bosch Rexroth is an important tool for process optimization and allows a new level of process reliability. Users can save significant amounts of time and permanently increase efficiency during maintenance work. The service indicator offers support during condition-based maintenance and produces an online diagnosis via a dynamic QR code. The tool is also easy to use. With the code scanner, products can be identified quickly and registered directly via the ctrlX Device Portal.

If servicing is needed, the app offers users immediate assistance. It wirelessly accesses the fault memory of all machines equipped with Bosch Rexroth control systems and clearly identifies components. This speeds up the ordering of spare parts or repairs. A quick link allowing direct contact with the help desk also ensures quick reaction times.

The ctrlX Digital Service Assistant thus makes maintenance in factories much easier – even in heterogeneous machine fleets.

Durability: Future-proof and predictable

  • Service availability guaranteed for up to 25 years and numerous other service agreements also possible
  • Best-in-class service for repairs and spare parts
  • Extensive service network in 80 countries with over 200 sites

To ensure you can enjoy using your products and benefit from them for a long time, Bosch Rexroth offers various services to ensure durability and predictability. In addition to standard full servicing for 10 years after a product is discontinued, various options including service contracts are available to ensure availability for up to 25 years.

Users can therefore take the necessary precautions and do not need to suddenly switch to new systems.

Arranging spare parts, repairs and product overhauls is also very easy. With the After Sales Services, Bosch Rexroth assists users in identifying the correct original spare parts and ensures that they are delivered quickly. Repairs are carried out by ISO 9001-certified Bosch Rexroth workshops which offer consistently high quality standards and guarantees on the work they carry out. Products can be completely overhauled in accordance with certified Bosch Rexroth factory standards and returned in as-new condition. Defective parts as well as all expendable parts are replaced and the product is tested in accordance with factory requirements.

With the Bosch Rexroth service contracts, users can also enjoy reliable processes and higher productivity. They cover anything from extended warranties and service availability agreements to fleet optimization.

This is just part of the ctrlX SERVICES which Bosch Rexroth provides in the world of ctrlX AUTOMATION. The service portfolio for the automation platform offers a mix of classic and digital services as well as various services throughout the product life cycle. After all, comprehensive service and support mean future-proof, reliable solutions and added value for users.


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