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ctrlX developR: When software hearts beat faster

ctrlX AUTOMATION – developR


What is an automation solution without talented minds to develop it and keep pushing it forward? The innovative power, agility and performance of a solution is determined by the people whose passion sets the pace. The developers around ctrlX AUTOMATION are Game Changers who create a new world of automation. ctrlX developR are "Two steps ahead".

They turn the software world upside down, redefine it and out comes the most innovative, open and powerful automation solution in the market. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, ctrlX developR not only build on a completely new open and scalable architecture, but also live co-creation. Software developers from all over the world contribute their knowledge, e.g. in the form of apps. The openness of the system for all programming languages and low-code methods offers new freedom in software development and application.

The ctrlX developR thus lay the foundation for Bosch Rexroth to always be and remain TWO STEPS AHEAD with ctrlX AUTOMATION. After all, an automation solution needs the "brain" of humans in order to be able to continuously develop further. The ctrlX developR share their wealth of knowledge with customers, partners and the community. They solve individual challenges of the users. The users benefit from solutions that are precisely aligned with their actual needs and break down perceived barriers, as well as from the valuable transfer of know-how.

When the ctrlX developR are not contributing their ideas at Bosch Rexroth, you can meet them at the ctrlX developR Conference, the ctrlX developR Challenge or see them in the ctrlX developR Series on YouTube.

A strong community

An innovation usually follows a certain principle: It starts with the development of an idea. Then the innovation enters the market, becomes mainstream and finally unfolds its full potential. In this way, the innovation becomes a closed system. ctrlX AUTOMATION breaks this conception. Because the automation building block is innovation as a continuum and not a closed space that imposes limits.

Knowledge exchange in the digital community - that is the principle of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community. Here, space is created for trying out, informing and interacting. For example, there is a special forum for exchanging ideas with the Game Changers from Bosch Rexroth. Users can get into exchange there and, for example, ask their questions and post ideas. The ctrlX developR, for example, provide support in developing new automation solutions. Tips and tricks as well as all documents are also available there quickly, centrally and up-to-date.

ctrlX developR on air

Who better to report on a product than those who develop it?! The Game Changers share their knowledge in an entertaining way in the ctrlX developR Series on YouTube. Here they answer questions and show what's new about the automation toolkit. Best practices for the system, live demos, first-hand experiences from users, as well as tips and tricks prove how easy programming with ctrlX AUTOMATION is.

From developR to developR

Bosch Rexroth's philosophy also includes the active participation of users in the development process. This is why the ctrlX developR Conference (XCON) was created. People who love, develop or use software meet here. This creates a broad community that shares its knowledge - in line with the principle of co-creation. With its exciting keynotes, tech talk breakout sessions and mini hackathons, XCON has quickly become a must for all developers.

A challenge for development talent

Software development can also lead to top performance in a competitive environment. In the ctrlX developR Challenge, external developers realize their creative ideas with the ctrlX CORE control platform. The initial spark came in 2021/2022: the 25 participants, selected out of 68 applications from all over the world, broke completely new ground in automation. In collaboration with mentors from Bosch Rexroth or third-party providers from the ctrlX World, the participants' visions were turned into viable new solutions.

Think outside the Box

In a networked world, it is also always important to move beyond one's own cosmos and get impulses from outside. That's why Bosch Rexroth brings influencers like development engineer Rajvir Singh on board. In videos, he tests the modular automation system in terms of hardware, software, apps, and features. In the process, the expert also exchanges ideas with Bosch Rexroth's ctrlX developR. Rajvir runs his own YouTube channel and shares knowledge about software development and automation with more than 200,000 followers around the world. He is particularly enthusiastic about ctrlX AUTOMATION: "The ctrlX CORE is as simple as a smartphone." This sums up what all developers from the ctrlX AUTOMATION world have in common: The simplicity of the system makes software hearts beat faster.

Portrait view of Jasmin Heim, Game Changer Marketing

Jasmin Heim

Game Changer



Aufgeschlagenes Exemplar des ctrlX AUTOMATION Magazin 2022/2023

ctrlX AUTOMATION Magazine 2022/2023

"Feel free to change the game" ­– this is the motto of the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine 2022/2023. Learn more about the new freedom in industrial automation enabled by the Linux operating system ctrlX OS and the planar system ctrlX FLOW6D. You can also expect exciting customer projects, partner statements and much more.

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