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ctrlX developR Jochen Scheib: "ctrlX OS is the next logical step."

Bosch Rexroth has brought openness to automation with ctrlX AUTOMATION. A few months ago, it was time for the next evolutionary step: ctrlX OS. The Linux-based operating system for industry was previously reserved exclusively for the ctrlX CORE controller and has now been opened up to third-party suppliers. Our ctrlX developR and software architect Jochen Scheib was significantly involved in the development and is convinced of the innovation and radiance of this unique system on the market.

Jochen, how do you contribute to ctrlX AUTOMATION?

In ctrlX AUTOMATION, the ideas of ctrlX developR come together. I was involved in the "birth", so to speak. I helped to develop the system six years ago. I started in the initial project team and was responsible at that time for the realization of the web-based engineering. This is a central component of our ctrlX CORE control system and ensures that engineering processes can be designed even more efficiently. This is because web technology significantly increases the possibilities for users, so that the engineering of the control system can be carried out online directly via a web browser.

Today, I am the cross-team software architect for ctrlX AUTOMATION. This means that I coordinate and design the architecture of ctrlX CORE and the operating system ctrlX OS together with the team.

What is the importance of ctrlX OS within the overall system?

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, we have created something unique: an automation toolkit that combines the conventional world of automation with the modern and agile world of IT. Such a development sets the bar high - also for us. After all, our claim is to always be two steps ahead with the system in order to provide our customers with the automation solutions they need for the challenges of today and tomorrow. This requires permanent forward thinking.

With ctrlX OS as a Linux-based operating system for industry, we have then achieved another milestone. ctrlX OS is the next logical step. It takes the automation solution to the next level in terms of freedom and openness. The operating system was previously used exclusively on our ctrlX CORE controller. Now it is available as a separate solution for real-time use in industrial environments. Our partners benefit from the openness and flexibility of the app-based approach and the ecosystem initiated by ctrlX AUTOMATION.

This provides new scope for action?

Yes, significantly, because ctrlX OS can operate from the field level to the edge to the server and cloud level. It can also connect any automation solution to the ecosystem around ctrlX AUTOMATION. I am particularly fascinated by the new challenges that result from this. The positive feedback from both our customers and our competitors is an additional incentive for me. Because it clearly shows that we are on the right track.

So ctrlX OS benefits competitors and users?

Precisely because ctrlX OS is hardware independent, even more automation components can be seamlessly connected to the entire ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio and partner solutions from ctrlX World. Across all levels of the automation topology, software-based functions can be developed, installed, updated and operated even more easily and flexibly. The fusion of IT and OT applications in the sense of Industry 4.0 is now easily possible in one automation platform.

Competitors can use the operating system for their own purposes and act as technology partners, for example. We are currently taking the first decisive steps here with various providers. This is very exciting for everyone involved, because this type of collaboration has not existed on the market before.

For the users, this creates significant competitive advantages. With this unlimited freedom in automation, the increasing challenges of the different industries can be met with even faster time-to-market, high system availability and flexibility in production. ctrlX OS is also ideally equipped for the requirements of the future such as AI, TSN and 5G.

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