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Automation means software development

Steffen Winkler, Vice President Sales, Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions, Bosch Rexroth AG

When we launched ctrlX AUTOMATION at the end of 2019, we said from the outset that mechanical engineering nowadays means software development. We are now going a step further and saying that automation means software development. Why? With ctrlX AUTOMATION, we focused on classic machine and factory automation during the first phase of the market launch.

We continue to do this. However, the very positive response from the market has shown that ctrlX AUTOMATION can solve users’ problems in numerous other sectors too. These include building automation, intralogistics and goods logistics, energy production and distribution and, increasingly, mobile automation applications.

With the platform’s fully open software architecture, the complete hardware portfolio and integrated IoT, security and safety functions, the possibilities are almost endless. At the moment, over 200 customers around the world are busy implementing ctrlX AUTOMATION.

Since the launch, we have further developed the solution on an ongoing basis, adding various services such as the ctrlX App Store and the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community, the completely new ctrlX I/O program and ctrlX SAFETY, a new compact safety control system for general automation.
A number of our partners are already demonstrating how the openness of ctrlX AUTOMATION works in our ctrlX World. They are enhancing the platform with software and/or hardware, integrating parts of ctrlX AUTOMATION into their own systems or providing software services for users. Our partners includes companies such as SCHUNK, Wittenstein and FORCAM.

Portrait view of Steffen Winkler, Game Changer ctrlX AUTOMATION

Steffen Winkler

Game Changer



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