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Landing AI Inc

Landing AI™ offers to build Vision Applications with high performance and quality by using domain-specific Large Vision Models (LVMs).

They are created hassle-free with LandingLens, an end-to-end computer vision platform. Thanks to the simple connection to ctrlX OS, typical automation applications can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Supercharge computer vision applications

Landing AI™ allows users to build their own LVM using proprietary images to accelerate model development and supercharge their model performance.

Gain insights from vision data with Generative AI

LVMs are domain-specific foundational models that are trained using your proprietary large dataset of images. Landing AI™ offers solutions for users to gain intelligence from unlabeled images and therefore enables much faster development for downstream vision tasks.


  • Unlock insights: extract intelligence from unlabeled images.
  • Achieve precision: elevate accuracy in computer vision tasks with intelligent domain-specific LVMs.
  • Deploy flexibly: seamlessly integrate with Cloud, Edge, and Docker.
  • Scale limitlessly: harness domain-specific LVMs for easy, scalable deployment.

Target Groups

  • Machine Builder
  • Machine Operator
  • System Integrator


About Landing AI

Landing AI™ is pioneering the Data-Centric AI movement in which companies with limited data sets can realize the business value of AI and move AI projects from proof-of-concept to full-scale production. LandingLens™, Landing AI’s flagship product, makes computer vision easy for everyone. Founded by Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera, former chief scientist of Baidu, and founding lead of Google Brain, Landing AI is uniquely positioned to lead the development of AI from a technology that benefits a few to a technology that benefits all.

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