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InfluxData Inc.

Blue colored image showing stylized earth. ctrlX World is the partner ecosystem of the automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION.

The data platform InfluxDB from the company InfluxDataTM* was designed and optimized to handle large volumes of time-stamped data from sensors, applications, users as well as systems. With the robust platform, it is easy to seamlessly collect, store, and visualize massive volumes of time series data enabling subsequent insights into action.

InfluxDB is available as app for ctrlX AUTOMATION and is more than a database. It has hundreds of open source Telegraf plugins to seamlessly collect and analyze data from almost any source including MQTT, OPC UA and Modbus. Pre-built dashboards, client libraries and other developer tools makes it easy to get started quickly with less programming effort.

* [InfluxDataTM] is a trademark [registered / owned] by InfluxData, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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