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Eclipse Mosquitto by CEDALO GmbH

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MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is becoming the new standard in IoT for data distribution. As the most downloaded MQTT broker, thousands of professional organizations worldwide rely on Cedalo’s solution Mosquitto. It has a stable and safe publish/subscribe architecture for fast and reliable data messaging. Mosquitto was written by using the programming language C which gives it a unique speed advantage and makes it extremely resource-efficient compared to rival products.

With the Bosch Rexroth partnership, Mosquitto is now available as an app for the ctrlX AUTOMATION toolkit. Thus, every PLC can become an MQTT broker! MQTT clients can be used to publish or subscribe to freely definable topics on the broker. Mosquitto on the ctrlX CORE provides a fast and easy way of connecting PLC information by an MQTT broker to the outside world.

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