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ctrlX developR Influencer: Rajvir Singh

Rajvir Singh is a development engineer and a passionate teacher. He works as an engineer at Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG in Konstanz. He also does freelance work and runs his own e-learning school ( which offers courses on automation and IIoT.

As an influencer, Rajvir has his own YouTube channel where he can easily share his knowledge of software development and automation with his followers. He produces professional product videos for his customers and educational materials for students. At the same time, he enjoys working with new software and hardware in the IIoT world and offers coaching sessions for students.

He has already produced over 1,000 video tutorials on automation and IIoT. Through his YouTube, Udemy and LinkedIn channels, Rajvir has reached more than 200,000 followers throughout the world.

He has published numerous product assessments and tutorial videos regarding automation and software solutions, including some about ctrlX AUTOMATION. Why did he decide to test ctrlX AUTOMATION in his videos?

In the past, Rajvir had already worked on and with a number of control systems and edge devices as a way of developing various IIoT applications. Given its simple user interface for operating and configuring devices, the influencer has now taken a liking to ctrlX AUTOMATION.

His statement: “The lightbulb moment was when my audience and I realized that you can use ctrlX CORE like a smartphone. Install the app and it’s ready to use as a PLC, HMI, OPC UA server, OPC UA Client, Bridge, 3D viewer, Oscilloscope, VPN Client and what not. Within minutes, you can change the role of ctrlX CORE just by switching the app.”

The influencer is also a big fan of Node-RED, which is why the app is mentioned in all the videos about ctrlX AUTOMATION he has shared so far. He is keen to emphasize how easy it is to read data from ctrlX CORE via the ctrlX Data Layer and then display the data on the Node-RED dashboard.

Rajvir has identified other unique selling points in ctrlX AUTOMATION, including ready-to-use documentation and GitHub repositories as well as amazingly fast round-the-clock support via the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community.

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