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Host Christian Zentraf and his guests Johannes Albrecht, Pedro Reboredo, Holger Schnabel and Kai Müller sit at a table and talk about graphical programming with Blockly of the automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION

Taking part in a webinar at a specific time to learn more about the new ctrlX CORE control platform is no longer appropriate in our view and is certainly not TWO STEPS AHEAD. We have therefore come up with the ctrlX developR Series in which the ctrlX developR´s personally explain everything about ctrlX AUTOMATION that could be helpful from their point of view – and in a way that can be watched at any time.

They demonstrate tools such as the Software Development Kit, the ctrlX Configurator and the ctrlX Data Layer and use specific examples to show how easy programming is with ctrlX AUTOMATION. In complementary how-to videos, there are deep dives which leave no question unanswered.

ctrlX developR Series – Season #3

After the successful Seasons #1 and #2 we are now following up with Season #3 of the popular ctrlX developR series. In four exciting episodes about the automation toolkit ctrlX AUTOMATION our ctrlX developR experts give insights into their focus topics: Security, ctrlX OS, Machine Learning and IoT!

Opened copy of the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine 2023/2024

ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine 2023/2024 –
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„Openness is everything“ – this is the motto of the ctrlX AUTOMATION magazine 2023/2024. This year, it´s all about openness and co-creation, which enables a completely new world of automation. Furthermore, there will be innovations of the product portfolio, exciting case studies and expert opinions on digitalization and connectivity.

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ctrlX developR Series – Season #2

The second season features six episodes and focuses on the numerous possible uses for ctrlX AUTOMATION. Each episode is complemented by a how-to video which explains all of the processes step by step.

The ctrlX developR´s guide you through a complete pick-and-place application starting with configuration, setup and programming up to the final demonstration of the application.

ctrlX developR Series – Season #1

This is ctrlX AUTOMATION! The 11 episodes in the first part of the ctrlX developR Series provide expert insights into the ctrlX AUTOMATION toolkit. Why and how was ctrlX AUTOMATION developed? What are its USPs and with what tools and features are we changing the world of automation? The heart of the platform, the award-winning ctrlX CORE control platform, is unboxed and the first projects are tackled. We then talk about security solutions, the ctrlX World partner network and programming with Python and Google Blockly. Judging from the click figures and comments, people are wanting more: So catch you on the next one – in Season 2.

Blue background with the control hardware ctrlX Core. In the foreground the lettering ctrlX developR XCON can be read in large letters, advertising the ctrlX Conference

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