ctrlX developR Conference 2024 – 26. & 27.09. in Ulm

ctrlX developR Conference

The ctrlX developR Conference, also known as XCON, is the perfect event for anyone who loves software, develops it or uses it. After the successful event in 2022, it quickly became clear that there had to be another ctrlX developR Conference.

In line with the principle of co-creation, this international event serves to bring together a community that thrives on sharing its knowledge. Together with partner companies, we live the motto of "openness & co-creation": you can not only experience the ctrlX AUTOMATION highlights up close, but also discover partner solutions. There will also be exciting keynotes on industry-relevant topics and trends, tech talk breakout sessions and a live testing area for insights into hardware and software.

A must for all software developer!

Mark the date in your calendar: 26 & 27.09.2024 in Ulm!

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Co-Creation @XCON 2024

We are looking forward to rocking the XCON together and thus being able to offer you even more insights. The first system and technology partner of ctrlX OS, WAGO GmbH & Co. KG will join us in organizing the ctrlX developR Conference 2024.

Co-Creation @XCON 2024

We are looking forward to rocking the XCON together and thus being able to offer you even more insights. The first system and technology partner of ctrlX OS, WAGO GmbH & Co. KG will join us in organizing the ctrlX developR Conference 2024.


The range of solutions offered by ctrlX OS is constantly being expanded by the partner world ctrlX World. At XCON you will also have the opportunity to get to know these solutions in breakout sessions and the live testing area. The following partners will be attending:

Insight into the topics of XCON 2024:

Although the planning has not yet been finalized, we would like to give you a first insight into the topics of the ctrlX developR Conference. The keynotes will initially be all about openness and co-creation. Together with partners, we will explain the benefits of partnerships and the vision of a better, more sustainable industry. The final of our ctrlX developR Challenge 2024 will also take place on the first day. We are looking for outstanding use cases or special coding skills. Find out more here.

In various breakout sessions on both days of XCON, you can also expect exciting insights that you can apply to your everyday work.

Portrait view of Michael Langfinger, ctrlX AUTOMATION Area Product Owner IT Security

Security – Protect your app!

Speaker: Michael Langfinger, Area Product Owner IT Security at Bosch Rexroth

Our goal is to provide a secure platform that is resilient and robust. In this session, we will show how to identify potential attack vectors and how the Linux operating system ctrlX OS is protected against attacks. With this, you are well prepared to protect your own applications!

Model-based Design – Workflows for your development process!

Speaker: Mario Göb, Product Owner Simulation at Bosch Rexroth

Model-based design is also becoming increasingly popular in the general automation industry. The key to a successful model-based design workflow is the use and elaboration of models throughout the whole development process. In this breakout session, we will show you how ctrlX OS utilizes the tools and functions for using Simulink models in different phases of the workflow and how you can integrate this into your daily work.

ctrlX OS – Use the operating system in embedded applications!

Speaker: Jaakko Ala-Paavola, Technology Director at Etteplan

Scalability is the key in all software and embedded applications where high volumes are multiplied. What are the advantages of using ctrlX OS in different embedded applications and how can the solution be adapted to hardware targets? Find out in this breakout session.

Nexeed Automation – Boost your efficiency in PLC and HMI projects

Speaker: Andreas Deininger, Product Manager Nexeed Automation – Control plus

Machine builders and end customers want to constantly increase efficiency. This is where Nexeed Automation comes in – as an open software standard for automation applications in production plants and lines. In this session, you will create PLC code and HMI configurations fully automatically and on the basis of reusable, modular elements without expert knowledge. At the end, standardized output is available for the most important software engineering topics in automation.

ROS2 and ctrlX AUTOMATION – Run complex robotics and enhanced automation applications on ctrlX OS

Speaker: Dr. Denis Stogl, CEO and Robotics Expert & Manuel Muth, Robotics Application Developer at Stogl Robotics

For over 50 years, automation with PLCs has excelled in robustness but now struggles with the complexity and flexibility demanded by modern automation and robotics. While new tools like ROS 2 offer great flexibility with its standardized development tools and programming languages, they fall short in determinism and clarity compared to PLCs. Experience in this breakout session how the SR control box application with the automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION connects these worlds and provides a standardized real-time control for robots and communication protocols.

Artificial Intelligence – Use new ways for data acquisition and clustering

Speaker: Frank Kawan, Research Engineer at Bosch

As an industrial edge device, the ctrlX CORE enables raw process data to be recorded at high sampling rates and intelligent applications to be executed at the same time. This makes it possible to combine data and intelligent applications. However, after data acquisition, industrial sensor data is difficult to interpret, but it is important for making decisions. For this reason, the Bosch research department has developed the Lake-Diver tool. This allows features to be extracted from raw data and visualized in such a way that anomalies or similarities can be easily identified. You can find out exactly how this works in this breakout session.

Portrait view of Mauro Riboni, ctrlX AUTOMATION Application Engineer

IoT & Artificial Intelligence – How to increase productivity and scalability

Speaker: Mauro Riboni, Software Application Engineer at Bosch Rexroth

Innovation is essential but should also always be linked to productivity and scalability. How can Artificial Intelligence help us to increase productivity in the future? We will present two approaches in this session: How can standard IoT setups be extended with Python and Jupyter. And how can ctrlX AUTOMATION help to monitor the machine remotely?

Stay tuned: More information on speakers and topics will follow in the coming weeks!

Until then, you can find all the highlights of XCON 2022 summarized here.

The agenda of the ctrlX developR Conference 2022

The ctrlX developR Conference 2022 in pictures!