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Konstruktor Bosch Rexroth Mauro Riboni objaśnia platformę automatyzacji ctrX AUTOMATION

Solutions are only as innovative, flexible and capable as the talented individuals who develop them. The ctrlX developR´s always have their finger on the pulse and ensure that Bosch Rexroth with ctrlX AUTOMATION is always TWO STEPS AHEAD. Whether it be IT security, IoT, machine learning, APIs, Software Development Kits, human interfaces… – they accept any challenge and become Game Changers in their particular field.

And when they are not turning the world of software upside down, you can meet them at the ctrlX developR Conference or you will find them supporting participants in the ctrlX developR Challenge. Would you like to know more? Then take a look at the ctrlX developR Series, where they answer questions on a wide range of topics relating to ctrlX AUTOMATION.

But because we like to think outside the box, we deliberately seek inspiration from outside too: In his videos, the influencer and development engineer Rajvir Singh tests ctrlX AUTOMATION including its hardware, software, apps and features and takes part in discussions with our ctrlX developR´s. His verdict: “ctrlX CORE is as easy as a smartphone.”

Our developR´s


Portrait view of Jochen Scheib, ctrlX AUTOMATION Software Architect

Jochen Scheib – Software Architect

"With ctrlX AUTOMATION, we have created a platform that combines the original automation world with the flexible and fast-moving IT world. The resulting challenges inspire me. The positive feedback from the market is an important indicator that we are on the right track with our solution."

Portrait view of Michael Langfinger, ctrlX AUTOMATION Area Product Owner IT Security

Michael Langfinger – Area Product Owner IT Security

"The increasing networking and merging of automation technology and information technology is putting more and more focus on the topic of cyber security. We have set ourselves the task of developing a system that is resilient to attacks and also demonstrating these capabilities - for example, by conforming to standards such as IEC 62443."

Portrait view of Johannes Albrecht, Game Changer ctrlX developR Apps, ctrlX OS, SDK

Johannes Albrecht – Area Product Owner IoT & Apps

"The journey continues in the direction of openness. With the ctrlX OS operating system, we have succeeded in detaching our software from our own hardware and thus developing an operating system that is suitable for industrial use. The operating system offers a solution at almost every level of automation. The positive feedback from the market shows us that we definitely meet the market requirements with our approach and mindset and regularly surprise users."

Portrait view of Mauro Riboni, ctrlX AUTOMATION Application Engineer

Mauro Riboni – Application Engineer

"ctrlX AUTOMATION has two key advantages: It is the best option for the next generations to enter automation. At the same time, it offers the optimal solution that connects the IT and OT worlds and allows them to coexist. It opens up so many possibilities that the only limit is imagination."

Portrait view of André Stury, ctrlX AUTOMATION Software Engineer

André Stury – Software Engineer

"What sets us apart from other automation solutions? The design scope that results from different technologies, paradigms, programming languages and scaling levels combined in one platform. Expanding ctrlX AUTOMATION further in the area of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is among the goals we have set."

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