Kommunikation är A och O

I Framtidens fabrik är det anslutning som räknas. Vi använder redan öppna standarder såsom Multi-Ethernet och IO-Link i all drivteknik. Den internationella gemensamma standarden Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture används för kommunikation mellan olika maskiner och mellan maskiner och IT-applikationer. Med realtidsförlängningen, Time Sensitive Network för OPCUA och den nya mobilradiostandarden 5G, kommer alla komponenter, moduler och maskiner inom en snar framtid att kunna kommunicera i realtid. Resultatet: Total transparens i Framtidens fabrik.

Synliggöra information

Den interaktiva kommunikationsplattformen ActiveCockpit kan redan ta all relevant data från det löpande bandet och bearbeta den i realtid. Det innebär att personalen på plats kan reagera omedelbart på avvikelser och vidta optimeringsåtgärder. Nya applikationer utökar hela tiden funktionaliteten och förenklar anslutningen till backend-systemet. I framtiden, kommer ActiveCockpit att vara en individuellt konfigurerbar skivspelare och en marknadsplats för all kommunikation relaterad till tillverkningsprocessen.


Gammalt och nytt i nätverket

Koppla ihop och integrera befintliga maskiner med nya i samma nätverksmiljö med hjälp av IoT Gateway. Med ett inbyggt styrsystem, IPC-box, kopplas maskiner och moduler till nätverket i efterhand och omvandlar dem till kompatibla IoT-enheter. Alla enheter som är kopplade till IoT Gateway-programvaran i ett nätverk kan hanteras centralt via enhetsportalen. Användare kommer snart att kunna installera både funktions- och säkerhetsuppdateringar, samtidigt och var som helst i världen. I framtiden kommer IoT Gateway-programvaran att kunna förprocessera stora mängder data decentralt och initiera transaktioner med kryptovalutor.

IoT Gateway

Programvara för övning

Nexeeds mjukvarulösningar från Bosch förenklar övervakningen och optimeringen av alla tillverkningsprocesser i den dagliga verksamheten - vilket demonstreras varje dag på många Bosch-anläggningar. De kopplar ihop alla enheter och händelser från sensor till moln. Nexeed Automation skapar maximal öppenhet och Nexeed Production Performance Manager hjälper personalen att snabbare fatta rätt beslut om underhåll och kvalitet i produktionen. För närvarande utvecklar vi ytterligare funktionalitet som ska hjälpa användarna att förbättra tillgängligheten hos sin produktionsutrustning.


Sensorer skapar en förbättrad översikt

Driftsförhållanden kan övervakas med sensorer som tidigt upptäcker slitage innan det leder till driftstopp. Rexroth är redan igång med att installera ytterligare temperatur- och vibrationssensorer i de linjära rörelseblocken med mätsystemet Integrated Measuring System - Absolute. Dessa gör det möjligt att övervaka tillståndet direkt på händelseplatsen. En ny generation nätverkssensorer som Sense Connect Detect Sensor och Cross-Domain Development Kit samlar in decentraliserad verksamhetsdata och för över den via en app. De är mycket enkla att använda och kan sättas i drift utan varken förkunskap eller tidigare erfarenhet. Vi visade upp en första applikation på Hannover-mässan som demonstrerade för maskintillverkare och användare hur de kan få nya data direkt från arbetsytan. Utifrån detta kan de sedan få ny kunskap som hjälper dem att optimera produktionsprocesserna.



ActiveCockpit is an interactive communication platform for lean shop floor management in production industries. By delivering in live time access to all relevant process data, it enables to react quickly at the production line. Based on the Lean principles, deviations can be managed swiftly, with the result of improved OEE.

Now: ActiveCockpit collects and aggregates manufacturing and logistic data from back end system as ERP or MES. Through its standardized visualization of KPI, deviations are made transparent in live time. This is how it supports continuous improvement and increases productivity.

Next: In a next step it will digitalize your value stream mapping. Process data will be updated in live time. And finally Value Stream Design will be simulated in closed loop to reach faster the optimized flow.

Additionally, the open platform from ActiveCockpit will able you to extend the system through own or specific applications.

Beyond: What features would you like, when you dream beyond?

IoT Gateway software

IoT Gateway software connects new and legacy machines easily and cost efficiently. It does not intervene with the automation logic of the machine controls. The transferred data helps to optimize production processes and product quality.

Now: Bosch Rexroth offers a complete ecosystem from sensor to cloud solutions according to Bosch IT security standards. The IoT Gateway software is easy to integrate thanks to OPC UA (server/ client). It can be also used with 3rd party controls.

Next: As the next step IoT Gateway software will enable users to digitally manage all connected IoT devices remotely. It will encompass scalable IoT upgrade packages for legacy machines and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating individual applications. In addition, security functions such as encrypted data transmission and increased protection against viruses will be available.

Beyond: In future the IoT Gateway software will be able to pre-process data and handle local analytics. Users can implement payment via cryptocurrencies like IOTA.

Nexeed Production Performance Manager

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager supports employees responsible for maintenance and quality in fast decision-making. For this purpose, the software collects and harmonizes production and machine data from many different sources across the shopfloor in real-time, merges this data, visualizes it and passes on defined events to production staff.

Now: The Nexeed Production Performance Manager provides an overview of the current status of individual machines and the entire production system. The easy rule configuration enables maintenance technicians to conduct predictive maintenance tasks with the least possible machine downtimes. To improve product quality, process data can be monitored and documented consistently in real-time.

Next: The functionalities for process monitoring provide more detailed actionable insights for process and quality engineers. Cloud functionality is further improved, and machine suppliers can use the Nexeed Production Performance Manager for addional industry 4.0 services for their machines.

Beyond: The Nexeed Production Performance Manager provides a standardized IT basis for new Industry 4.0 solutions. Customers benefit from a large ecosystem and open Industry 4.0 standard for the connected value stream, which incorporates the existing Nexeed solutions and many further third-party applications.

Integrated Measuring System (IMS-A)

The IMS-A combines the functions measuring and guiding in one high precision and simple electro-mechanical product.

Now: The rigid and robust solution offers high accuracy while working wear free and insensitive to interference by electro-magnetic fields due to the inductive measuring principle.

Next: Within the next releases IMS-A will connect easily by a digital nameplate to the control environment as a plug&play module. Optional system updates enable new features.

Beyond: Product performance can be customized by software packages, a process observer analyser detects wear and deviations. Determined data can be used to improve the digital twin.

SCD – Sense Connect Detect

Your entry to the Factory of the Future. The SCD is a sensor that detects and analyzes data in an inexpensive way. It is used in combination with an app or an IoT Gateway. The sensor measures data such as temperature, acceleration, magnetism and light intensity.

Now: The existing prototype version is easy to use and the commissioning can be done without technical expertise. The SCD offers a high flexibility in all applications.

Next: Together with SCD, Bosch Rexroth is developing Industry 4.0 out of the box and making all components intelligent in any machine concept.

Due to the compact design it can be easily integrate in the factory. The SCD offers different use cases to digitalize the value stream e.g. condition monitoring, crash monitoring, localization and running time tracking.

Beyond: In the future there will be digital business models like data point based billing.


XDK is a smart connected sensor platform to seamlessly transition from the IoT prototype to professional small series and high volumes, a constantly growing ecosystem to bring IoT alive.

Now: XDK is a universal programmable sensor device packed with state of the art sensor technology and ready-to-use software packages, capable of fulfilling all your IoT application needs. XDK gives you the power to monitor, control and analyze your process remotely over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, giving you 24/7 access to data.

Next: The XDK professional data logger is an expert tool for data acquisition. It allows for time-stamped and precise data acquisition of multiple sensors with high data rates.

The new XDK Mita programming language which is being provided by the Eclipse Foundation as an open source project, simplifies the programming of the IoT kit even further.

Beyond: Future modular sensor concepts may focus on more ruggedized housings for universal smart multi-sensor devices as well as downloadable firmware from application web shops.