Trender inom Factory of the Future

Utforska banbrytande teorier om hur framtidens fabrik kan bli verklighet

Whose Factory of the Future is it anyway?

We’re all busy speculating about the Factory of the Future, but who’s vision is it and who does it serve?

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Dr. Heiner Lang, Senior Vice President at Bosch Rexroth AG, discusses the future of smart manufacturing

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The future digital intelligence of your business is in your hands, says Dr. Heiner Lang

Our guide to the shape of your future workforce

Rolf Najork explains how the Factory of the Future will herald important changes in the way we work.

Building the Factory of the Future

Near Stuttgart, an exciting development center is creating ground-breaking new approaches to manufacturing.

Bringing the future to life

For autonomous guided vehicles, the best is yet to come – and it’s coming soon, explains Thomas Fechner.