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Predictive Analytics
Success Stories

Predictive maintenance - The solution

Minimize your downtime

Predictive analytics on Clinker Cooler Hydraulics

Predictive Analytics

on Clinker Cooler Hydraulics

Predictive maintenance in a nutshell

Predictive maintenance in a nutshell

Predictive services with Rexroth

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive services with Rexroth

Modernization with Rexroth Service - the original


with Rexroth Service - the original

Predictive analytics with ODiN - Leave nothing to chance

Predictive analytics

Leave nothing to chance!

Know today what to expect tomorrow

Sudden machine breakdowns, unplanned, expensive maintenance and predefined maintenance cycles - is that the solution?

Digital solutions support you in your maintenance activities and provide insights into the current machine condition. Bosch Rexroth is an expert in hydraulics and combines this with Industrial IoT know-how to provide you with reliable digital maintenance solutions.

With our customized digital solutions, we support the maintenance of your hydraulic systems. Our modular approach starts with a data visualization solution of the current condition, which can be extended via a rule-based condition monitoring solution to a predictive analytics service to perform predictive maintenance.

Simplify your daily challenges

Lack of hydraulic know-how

Plants must be permanently monitored

Long distances to the plants

Lack of insight into the machines

High downtime costs

CytroConnect Solutions packages

Intelligent prevention of machine downtimes

Having the possibility to choose between different AddOn's you can select the best option for your application. Starting with a simple dashboard, various additional packages – up to a full service contract – can easily booked. Detailed information and the functional range of the individual AddOn's can be found below. 

Your web-based monitoring service


The CytroConnect Monitor package collects data and visualizes it clearly on a dashboard for a quick overview of the status of your machine. You can decide which components to monitor with the support of a Rexroth experts. Monitor provides all available data from the last 24 hours. This allows you to detect changes at an early stage and intervene immediately if there is a deviation from the normal state. The data can be viewed on demand at any time on a dashboard via a web browser or on other end devices. This service can easily be implemented in any existing hydraulically operated plant/machine.

Your digital maintenance manual


CytroConnect Maintain informs the customer about the current status of the components via the dashboard. Using predefined rules, the state of the components is monitored and displayed if something is not running according to the rules. In the event of an anomaly, you receive a push notification about what is wrong. In this way, you can react in time even in the case of unmanned shifts, before damage or even failures occur. In this package you can use the unlimited historical data available. In addition, we provide you with regular performance and usage reports to help you optimize your application.

Your personal predictive maintenance service


The CytroConnect Predict package offers predictive analytics of your machine data that can detect anomalies at an early stage using self-learning algorithms. Additionally to predictive analytics, Bosch Rexroth offers you an individual service contract. In addition, our experienced experts evaluate the data and provide recommendations on how to proceed in the event of an anomaly. Our analysis as well as our experts do the monitoring of your machine for you and result in up to 40% less machine downtime due to faster anomaly detection. In addition to optimizing maintenance planning, a predictive maintenance service ensures maximum availability and simplified spare parts supply.

Reduced machine downtime

Faster error detection

Reduced costs due to consequential

Increased plant availability

To achieve ROI

Increase machine availability

If our solutions are linked with other service offerings, such as maintenance contracts, spare parts management or standby management, machine availability can increase significantly


Our packages are available for selected Rexroth products.



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Success stories

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Request the ODiN-Whitepaper "Predictive Maintenance"

Request the ODiN-Whitepaper "Predictive Analytics"

Request the ODiN-Whitepaper "Big Data & Machine Learning"

Request the ODiN-Whitepaper "Predictive Analytics & Maintenance Optimization"

Request the Whitepaper "Predictive Analytics for recycling industry"

ODiN in metallurgy

Robert Bosch Lollar Guss GmbH, as a manufacturer of cast products, suffered several times in the past from failures of the moulding plant, caused by malfunctions of the central hydraulic system. However, this system is a central element in the casting process, which is why the company decided to have the main hydraulics monitored by ODiN.

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Successful start in the cement industry

At Lafarge Holcim, a supplier of cement and ready-mix concrete, ODiN is successfully used for plannable maintenance. This is made possible by monitoring the key indicators of the hydraulically operated clinker cooler with ODiN to detect possible failures in time.

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Condition-based maintenance for mould casting

Buderus Guss, as a brake disc manufacturer for the automotive industry, decided at a very early stage in favor of condition-based maintenance from Bosch Rexroth. This is because production downtimes can have devastating consequences, especially where production processes are very closely interlocked.

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ODiN in metallurgy 2.0

Bosch Rexroth Guss GmbH, manufacturer of cast products and valve blocks, was previously able to maintain machine downtimes at a low level through carefully targeted maintenance schedules. With the monitoring by ODiN, this maintenance work aims to reduce and intends to prevent machine downtimes.

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