Open, scalable and easy accessible mobile electronics platform consisting of control units, connectivity devices, sensors and human machine interfaces (joysticks, displays, pedals) for mobile machines. Individual BODAS Hardware components are freely programmable and ready for BODAS Connect.


The latest RC series 40 is a scalable platform of electronic control units for mobile machines. The freely programmable controllers allow safety functions up to PL d according to EN ISO 13849 or AgPL d according to ISO 25119. A hardware security module (HSM) is used to protect the control units from unauthorized data manipulation. The Rexroth controllers feature the UDS standard for the communication with a service tool. Interfaces for High Speed CAN, CAN-FD and ISOBUS are available. Future variants will also feature 100Base-T1 Ethernet.

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We provide a wide range of sensors based on Bosch automotive production quality. For example, we offer pressure sensors with a high accuracy over lifetime and automotive SENT technology, inertia sensors and the IVAS, intelligent vibration analysis sensor, which enables structure-borne sound analysis for anomaly detection based on structural born sound expertise and preconfigured expert-proven feature-sets. All sensors are perfectly suited to mobile machine requirements due to their robustness and compactness.

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Human-machine interface

Our HMI portfolio includes robust and high-resolution color displays, EH-joysticks and pedals. All components are harmonized with the BODAS ecosystem to ease the integration in your machine and to add value by integrated functional safety routines and integrated diagnostic features.

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Connectivity devices

The BODAS Connectivity Unit is the heart of our BODAS Connect offering and connects the machine to the Bosch (or any other) IoT infrastructure. Its IP67 protection class makes it fit for the off-highway market. The Linux operating system enables a modular and configurable software interface that is completely independent of the hardware. The RCU enables you to flash software over the air (FOTA).

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Surround sensing

The Bosch automotive surround sensing solution increases safety, productivity and reduces operation costs. We offer full visual and sensor supported control of the environment for safe vehicle movement and operations based on Rexroth know how and Bosch quality.

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You want to know more about BODAS saftey with BODAS controllers?
The "Saftey Relevant Project Planning" instruction gives your details about how Functional Saftey
accordiong to EN ISO 13849 resp. 25119 can be realized with BODAS RCs.