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And once the machines are connected, you have to go all the way and consider workflows. We believe that Big Data needs Big Ideas. Therefore, we look at the entire data stream: from the source of the data to turning it into action. We know vehicles and their data streams, as we have been designing drive and implement control software for decades. This is why we know which data is available and can be re-used for other purposes far beyond the initial purpose.

BODAS Connect

The professional internet-of-things solutions at a glance

Bosch Rexroth provides the complete telematics solution, from data source via hardware and software to ready-to-use analytics apps.



We at Bosch Rexroth know vehicle architectures, their data streams, and where we can find useful smart data without the need for additional sensors. This is because we have been dealing with the full mobile electronics stack including vehicle control software for years. And if the data does not yet exist, we provide a full range of smart sensors including edge analytics capabilities.



We provide several rugged (IP67) connectivity devices to suit any vehicle and application regardless of the conditions they operate in. While we keep the harsh environment out, the Linux operating system and device management are very open for individualization and hardware independence.



The Bosch IoT Suite hosts more than 10 million cars worldwide at highest security standards. It is open and modular. Device management and data management are disctinctly separated and individually bookable at different scales.



Analyze and visualize your collected data the way you need it. Choose from a vast selection of off-highway specific apps covering fleet management, vehicle health, remote R&D services and vehicle operations workflows. E.g. the vehicle health app Monitor Structure-Borne Sound enables you for detecting anomalies based on Monitor Structure-Borne Sound & IVAS using state-of-the-art edge analytics and machine learning algorithms. Also remotely change parameters and update the firmware of your connected vehicles’ domain controllers by our over-the-air (OTA) services

Click here for a video guide to your own first steps with IoT data handling in practice.


Rexroth Solutions

How does IoT serve you?


Theo Mayer

Dispatcher Snow & Ice Control,
City of Newtown

Theo Mayer

“My job is to keep our roads clear even in severe blizzard situations”

"Key is to know every single minute where my truck drivers have plowed and spread and where they still need to go. Reliably, in real time and properly documented for billing and legal."

See where your vehicles are and what they did

See how long your snow plowing keeps your roads clear

Properly document what you did

See it in reality

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Steve Miller

Senior Service Engineer
and Dispatcher at OEM

Steve Miller

“My job is to eliminate downtime”

"Looking into our clients’ vehicles over-the-air and seeing instantaneously all operational data is what makes us fast in getting the machine back to work."

See what happened in the vehicle at a glance

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Drill down into the subsystem and its components

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See what happened just before the breakdown

Learn more »

See it in reality

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Chuck Stevens

R&D Chief Engineer and Vehicle Program Manager

Chuck Stevens

“I want to design the best vehicle in the world”

"Being robust and reliable versus affordability is my daily fight."

See what really happens to my vehicles in real world

See the loading of each critical drive train components: engine, hydraulics, gears, and chassis

Get individual as well as aggregated plots that satisfy engineers

See it in reality

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Why connectivity
from Bosch Rexroth?

We are

Much more

Than an IT company: Instead of custom-made big data, get smart data and ready data-to-action solutions from the ones who understand off-highway vehicles and their workflows all the way from the data streams down to the steel and iron part.

We are


Enjoy the freedom of various interfaces to third party ERP solutions to seamlessly get your data to work within your established IT infrastructure.

We are


Select what you need. If you just need device management, book it without the data management. If you prefer another connectivity device, bring your own Linux device. If you want to start with fleet management only, just select these apps and leave the others out.

We are


Start with a small-scale solution and scale up later. Just add other apps and device management features later as you progress.

We are


The Bosch IoT Suite hosts more than 10 million cars. This is for sure not possible without clear and dedicated safety and security concepts with continuous upgrades. Benefit from this automotive power.

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How to start?

Choose one of our pre-configured starter kits to try and test it within your own environment.

BODAS Connect
Starter Kit


Allows you to stream a couple of data sets from one vehicle to your office.

BODAS Connect
Starter Kit


Permits streaming and analyzing a wider set of CAN data compared to the Essential Starter Kit. This option is the right choice to empower your OEM service technician to track down first insights in what really happens to your fleet.

BODAS Connect
Starter Kit


Covers the monitoring of various dedicated vehicle subsystems, namely engine, hydraulics, axles and frames, battery. This kit comes handy for testing IoT within a full-blown vehicle or operations validation program.