Integrated solutions for mobile machines

The technology partner of choice for customers in the field of hydraulics, electronics, electrics and IT solutions integrating advanced software functionalities to deliver safe, efficient, powerful and intelligent mobile machines.


Connected, adaptive, scalable, highly integrated smart mobile machine systems

The technology partner of choice for customers developing highly integrated and flexible solutions operating independently from power source including hydraulics, electronics, electrics and software for future drive and implement systems. Focused on meeting customer requirements for intelligent, safe, powerful and efficient systems which are easily integrated, operated and maintained in smart mobile machines.


Assisted, semi-autonomous and autonomous functionalities for mobile machines operating independently from power source

The technology partner of choice for customers seeking to develop innovative hydraulics, electronics, electrics and IT solutions with fully integrated software functionalities. Designed for autonomous, electrified and intelligent (self-learning) mobile machine connected to our IOT Ecosystem to enable flexible concepts ranging from intuitive, manual operation to fully autonomous solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is an integral part of mobile working machines. In collaboration with Bosch, Bosch Rexroth combines expertise in IoT with comprehensive application experience in the areas of hydraulics, gearbox, mechanics, diesel engines, electric drives and battery technology.

Smart data with added value

We use our application know-how to convert big data in the vehicle into smart data. We deploy the sophisticated method of edge analytics for this. With this method, data are preprocessed close to the sensor – directly at the data source. We send these smart data to the proven Bosch IoT Cloud and use them to develop valuable solutions and services by means of artificial intelligence.

MonitorHydraulics – Knowledge for the next generation of vehicles

With our smart data, you will be able to develop the next generation of machines based on real load-data and therefore ensure that they are neither oversized nor undersized. This is possible because you will have detailed insights into the actual loads exerted on your machines during operations. They are visualized for further analyses in a user-friendly way.

PredictHydraulics – Enhanced availability

We use smart data to carry out a "fitness check" on our components. This is done based on the actual determined loads and the detection of anomalies. As a result, you will no longer be dependent on conventional, strictly scheduled maintenance intervals and can perform maintenance when required. This will increase the machine availability and save you money!

Automated processes and new business models

IoT and smart data enable automated processes and new business models. Order processes, for example, will be initiated automatically or vehicle costs will be determined by means of the actual load exerted on the mobile machine.


The requirements in terms of productivity, comfort and safety of mobile machines are increasing. There are often not enough trained staff available on construction sites. As a result, more than ever, drivers have to be able to quickly and flexibly switch between various different machines and operate them efficiently. We can help to make their working day easier with our assistance systems and semi-automated solutions.

Return to dig – Efficient and comfortable

Example of the wheeled loader: The driver no longer has to move the loader back to the initial position himself. He can simply press a button and the lift and tilt automatically return to their position. This saves time and is more comfortable.

Improved safety due to Surround Sensing System

On every construction site, there are lots of dangerous areas where we can help machine operators with our assistance systems, such as Bosch's Surround Sensing System. This enables us to prevent collisions, for example when drivers are reversing at narrow construction sites. This is a real plus in terms of human and machine safety.


In many cities, there are increasingly ambitious efforts to drastically reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution of mobile machines or to make specific areas completely emission-free.

In order to meet these requirements, we support you with our application and technology know-how and provide system solutions from hybrid vehicles to full-electric machines.

In addition to our hydraulics product program, we develop a new high-voltage electric portfolio to realize electric vehicle architectures. These new topologies enable a high-efficiency overall system, minimum noise pollution and emission-free operation.

We have the right solution for your requirements

Whether driving or working, hydraulic, hybrid or fully-electric: We provide the right solution! Bosch Rexroth offers highly efficient, low-noise and powerful hydraulics, electric motors, generators and inverters combined with modular software modules.

Construction site of the future – Example: concrete mixer

In the future, the most different construction site vehicles such as telehandlers, wheeled loaders, excavators and concrete mixers will (have to) work more environmentally friendly. Example: The diesel engine of a truck mixer, which is connected to an electric charging station at the construction site, can be switched off while the drum will still be operated electrically. We provide the right solution.

Optimally coordinated hydraulics and electric portfolio

As a long-standing market leader in mobile hydraulics, we are able to combine our hydraulics know-how with our new electric portfolio. We can optimally coordinate the electric motor and the hydraulic pump in terms of implement hydraulics. This will enhance efficiency, improve handling and increase precision in daily operations.