Designing with digital twins

The digitization of engineering has already begun. We are currently simplifying the rapid design of individual solutions with etools and configurators for all automation technologies.

Design engineers use calculation aids and simulation programs to check the design. Parallel to machine assembly, we support the virtual commissioning of control systems. Software Wizards propose suitable parameters to the commissioning engineers of hydraulic axes. The plug & produce solution Smart Press Kit features preselected mechanical and electrical components and saves time in engineering. The installed software requires no programming knowledge and simplifies commissioning and ongoing operation. In a next step, we are partnering with IT manufacturers such as Dassault Systems for completely digital engineering. In the future, each component and function will be represented by a digital twin. They form the basis for a continuously digitized value stream.

Etools and Configurators Software Wizards Smart Press Kit

Transparency for intralogistics

While manufacturing has already achieved a high degree of transparency through production systems, intralogistics is in many cases still a kind of black box. Nexeed Track & Trace continuously monitors the position and environmental conditions of components. This prevents damaged components being installed that can later lead to quality problems. Nexeed Intralogistics Execution uses the systematics of manufacturing execution systems to avoid waste and increase efficiency.

With the ActiveShuttle, we offer a smart, autonomous transport system for future intralogistics. It is implemented quickly without adapting your existing factory infrastructure, intuitive to operate, completely connected and safe for people to use ActiveShuttle automates and standardizes your internal flow of materials and goods. It transports dollies that are loaded with Small Load Carriers (SLC) in a highly flexible and secure manner. ActiveShuttle implements many transport concepts, from cyclical to consumption-based material supply systems.


Etools and Configurators

Layouts for assembly equipment, design of servo drives and linear systems or the configuration of hydraulic power units and electrohydraulic systems: Rexroth offers online tools for a digital engineering for all automation technologies.

Now: With online configurators and components, users can find the right product faster and shorten their time-to-market.

Next: Very soon, users will be generating digital twins directly during configuration. They accompany the components throughout their entire life cycle and create the basis for virtual commissioning.

Beyond: In the future, all engineering steps will be completely digital. Designers will use cloud-based engineering with the help of online tools and collaborate virtually with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Software Wizards

Software wizards lead technicians logically through the commissioning process of electro-hydraulic axis. Based on decades of application experience forged into software, they suggest fitting parameters in order to reach stable results quickly, even without deep expertise in fluid technology. (source: press release)

Smart Press Kit

Our Smart Press Kit for joining and pressing applications, combines preselected mechanical and electrical components to create plug & produce solutions designed for forces between 2 kN and 30 kN. The installed software with auto-parametrization requires no programming knowledge for commissioning and operation.


The autonomous transport system automates and standardizes the flow of material and goods in the logistics and manufacturing sector. Autonomous transport systems like the ActiveShuttle can give intralogistics the necessary flexibility and transparency. The system promises robust, efficient and fully automated transport of loads up to 260 kg. With automated loading and unloading, manual handling tasks are a thing of the past! The autonomous transport system can be quickly and easily integrated into intralogistics via Plug & Go, without having to adapt the factory's existing infrastructure.

Now: ActiveShuttle creates transparent and efficient internal processes. The ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS) enables highly flexible order management, in which orders can be entered manually or automatically fed via third systems.