Future efficiency - delivered in 3D

Both the economic and technical advantages are enormous: For example, 3D printers can produce components in a single process step for which several individual parts had to be manufactured and assembled beforehand. This makes completely new material-saving product designs possible. Flexibility is also increased. In the factory of the future, companies could close down their spare parts warehouses. Because with 3D printing they can print spare parts on the spot where they need them, when they need them, globally.

Shaping future manufacturing solutions

The days of Additive Manufacturing being restricted to the sample shop are well and truly over, as 3D printers connect to the automated world of production via industrial controls such as the MTX CNC solution from Rexroth. Automation makes the processes reproducible and transparent. With the ultimate goal of a completely digital workflow from preparing the CAD part for printing, simulation, intelligent production planning, automated component removal and post-processing to integrated quality control. In order to establish itself widely, Additive Manufacturing must be easily accessible and deliver a highly user friendly experience.

3D printing meets the IoT

The potential of open and scalable automation solutions is evident from the first fully automated 3D printer connected via 5G. This showcase, jointly developed by Bosch, Bosch Rexroth, BigRep, Nokia and Qualcomm, shows what open automation can do to advance technology and economically optimize value-added processes. Industrial IoT devices, software and intelligent sensors monitor all operating states providing transparency and helping to optimize process quality. This data also increases the quality of the printed components and, at the same time, increases the availability of the 3D printers, as the software solutions detect wear and defects before they lead to machine failure.

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Engineer best-in-class automation solutions

Suitable for industrial use and ready for series production: With the most powerful CNC system on the market, the MTX from Rexroth, machine manufacturers automate additive production quickly and efficiently. An integrated, digital engineering chain with predefined technology functions and a proven machine safety concept shortens the time to market. The scalable embedded control XM combines maximum performance with long term availability. The high computing capacity guarantees real-time processing of complex processes and networking with the IT world. Innovative components such as the self-cooled, iron-core, linear motors of the ML3 series implement the commands with maximum speed and precision. The compact linear motors reach speeds of up to 900m/min.

Integrate Industrial IoT devices

Simple and consistent integration: connect your machines and components to the Internet of Things with the IoT solutions from Rexroth. As a turnkey hardware/software unit, the IoT Rack bundles all data within the machine and connects it directly to higher-level IT systems. Configurable commissioning saves time and money. This also applies to the robust multisensor SCD. Battery-operated, it records a wide variety of operating states, ambient conditions and can be easily attached. Users can read out the data via an app. The SCD is the cost-effective introduction to networking, data-based process analysis and condition monitoring. The scalable industrial PCs PR, VR, DR provide numerous interfaces and use the operating system Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB with a guaranteed 10-year availability of security updates and patches.

Connect your machines

The challenge: Access to all data of a machine without interrupting in the control system. The solution: IoT Gateway software integrated in the IPC. It collects the data from the controller or sensors and sends them to higher-level IT systems in a programming-free and simple manner. With the Nexeed Device Portal, users centrally manage all industrial IoT devices such as IoT gateways, sensors, other peripheral devices or drives in their network - locally and worldwide. With the cloud-based solution, users have a complete and transparent overview of all IoT devices. They can remotely configure the devices, install additional functions and reliably perform (security) updates at the same time. All from one location, without the need for a specialist to be on site.

Get transparency of your machines

Complete transparency of the machine and processes is the basis for optimization and maximum availability. The way to achieve this is very simple. IoT Insights is a retrofittable, ready-to-install complete solution with multi-sensors, an industrial PC preinstalled with IoT Gateway software, a database and a dashboard. This allows users to analyze locally and visualize the results on site. Commissioning and parameterization only take a few minutes. The cloud-based Nexeed Production Performance Manager (PPM) captures and harmonizes production and machine data from various sources in the shop floor in real-time. The data is visualized and forwarded to the users as customized results. This enables employees to improve production independently and systematically.

Refine your value stream

Expand your perspective and optimize the entire value stream including intralogistics. The innovative, autonomously moving ActiveShuttle take on internal transport tasks independently, integrate into existing merchandise management and IT systems, replacing interim storage facilities. The Flexible Transport System FTS ensures flexible and precise linear transport even under difficult conditions. Coils on the outer wall of closed chambers drive magnetic carriers without contact. This simplifies design and increases availability. In practice, there are always machines already installed in production lines. Users can also simply insert these into their virtual value stream using the Nexeed Transparency Kit (NTK) with Heatmap software. This gives them a real-time overview of delays, bottlenecks or the condition of the machine.

Increase your machine availability and process quality

There is a common lever for higher availability and process quality: data and its intelligent evaluation. With the IoT Gateway software, users can connect a theoretically unlimited number of sensors to their lines without programming, and this naturally also applies to existing machine controls. They record operating states and environmental conditions at all decisive points. The SICK TriSpector for 3D inspection also checks the shape, colour or alignment of the workpiece with an integrated image analysis. The cloud-based Nexeed Production Performance Manager converts all collected data into useful information. Rule-based, it detects deviations at an early stage that can lead to downtime or process deviations. This enables users to correct errors before they even occur.

Start your 5G journey

The new communication standard 5G will achieve the breakthrough of wireless communication in industry. With the help of 5G, data can be transmitted up to a hundred times faster than before. Reliability is also increasing, while the delay in data transmission is reduced to a minimum. Numerous sensors, systems and machines in the Factory of the Future are networked together to form a flexible and intelligent system. For example, some of the control elements usually installed in machines can be outsourced to a local production cloud. Machines become leaner, cheaper and easier to maintain. New operating concepts are also possible: an operating device with 5G can address several machines as reliably as only wired individual devices previously could. Together with Nokia and Qualcomm, Rexroth is already working on putting these possibilities into practice.

Enhance your digital services

In most factories, service and maintenance are still associated with long distances, because the maintenance staff often only recognize faults directly on the machine. The Digital Service Assistant (DSA) unlocks the benefits of the mobile Internet and accelerates service processes. In the event of error messages, authorized specialists access the respective machine control system from any location using a commercially available mobile terminal device. When exchanging parts, they quickly identify the spare part digitally using the DSA service app and order it at the touch of a finger. Especially for companies with large machine parks, the Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access bundles and structures the secure and fully documented remote access of own employees and service providers worldwide. All security standards taken into account, maintenance work, software updates or even start-ups and process optimizations can be successfully implemented remotely with maximum IT security.