Availability as a service

Extremely high costs are incurred during a shutdown, especially in the case of continuous production plants. We already offer Online Diagnostics Network, a service package that detects wear and tear before it causes a breakdown. Sensors detect operating states and forward them to a cloud. The data is then evaluated by self-learning software which detects wear and tear with more than 90 percent safety and initiates appropriate preventive maintenance measures. We apply the principle of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to an increasing number of automation modules for all technologies. In the long term, users do not pay for individual maintenance measures, but for the availability of their machines and systems.


Rent instead of buying

Why buy machines and tie up capital when you only need one process step? This question is increasingly being asked by manufacturing companies. Previously, the answer was that they could only control and optimize their processes by using their own machines. But the example of our tightening technology demonstrates that things can be different. We capture all process data of the Nexo wireless nutrunner and process them in real time. Storing data relating to each individual bolting. This means first users do not need to purchase the tightening technology, but can simply pay for every single tightening that is performed correctly. This pay-per-use approach reduces capital tied up with the highest quality standards. This is only the beginning of new business models for financing production resources.


Predictive Maintenance with ODiN

ODiN captures and analyzes condition data from systems and enables predictive maintenance. It is especially suited for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of large machinery to reduce high cost breakdowns.

Now: Scaleable predictive maintenance contracts for End Users cover anomaly detection and failure for an early avoidance of breakdown. ODiN significantly reduces the of the risk of unplanned shutdowns.

Next: In the next releases the subsequent extension of the scope of supervision of new components is easily possible. Additional analytics services will be included.

Beyond: In the future remaining life time prediction will reach new levels enabling an advance planning of maintenance measures.

Nexo Cordless WiFi Nutrunner

Nexo – high end tightening technology in a cordless nutrunner. Its decentralized intelligence is located within the tool. Its on-board controller handles all the decisions without relying on a constant wireless communication with a remote controller. Furthermore, its technology features barcode scanning options to make intelligent decisions about which product variable should get assembled with which specific tightening procedure.

Now: Supporting a large number of protocols, the cordless nutrunner Nexo can simply be integrated into higher-level data systems without additional hardware. The barcode scanner makes it easy to handle a wide range of programs to assemble a great number of product variants including a batch size of one.

Next: Bosch Rexroth prepares the cordless WiFi nutrunner Nexo for the fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) multiplying the bandwidth by a factor of ten.

Beyond: Perspectively the Nexo nutrunner will have an application platform on board based on open core engineering. It will be offered with digital services like predictive maintenance due to remote data monitoring and analysis. The data will also enable customers to introduce new digital business models like pay per use.