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How variable-speed drives protect the environment and increase productivity.

Variable-speed drive solutions: Less electricity, less noise, lower costs.

Everyone needs to help in the fight against climate change. Plant operators and machine manufacturers play a key role too – with new energy-efficient systems and retrofits to optimize the energy use of existing machines. Variable-speed drives have particular potential for improvement in this respect. Because they provide the required power with pinpoint accuracy and switch to standby in idle phases, they reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent depending on the work cycle and avoid CO2 emissions accordingly.

Discover other key benefits of our Sytronix drive solution in detail:


  • Fast engineering
  • Straightforward configuration
  • Efficient retrofitting


Quick planning and configuration

Choose from more than 100 pre-configured sets or come up with an individual online configuration. With the help of the step-by-step guide, you can ensure optimum system dimensions. This speeds up the installation and commissioning process.

Efficient retrofitting

Sytronix was specially designed for the modernization of pressure control systems. Experienced Rexroth specialists help users make the most of the advantages of Sytronix, even in previously installed systems.


  • Quick commissioning, optimization and straightforward parameterization
  • Less cooling and noise protection required
  • Less space required
  • High dynamics and power


Straightforward installation and commissioning

Commissioning dialogs, automatic motor measurement and integrated hydraulic functions (sleep/wake function, soft starting, protective functions, HPU sensor management, pump power limitation, master-slave functionality, function for pumps with two-point adjustment) guide you reliably and quickly through the commissioning process.

Straightforward parameterization

A software wizard assists with parameterization and diagnostics during commissioning. With unit sensors linked to the higher-level machine control system via the frequency converter’s bus system, the system is ready for immediate use.

Less cooling required

Variable-speed pump drives decrease the influx of heat into the hydraulic fluid, which reduces the need for cooling.

Less space required

The compact design saves precious installation space in the machine and in the control cabinet. In many cases, the hydraulic control system can be simplified considerably, thus reducing the costs of hydraulic components.

Open communication interfaces

Sytronix offers full connectivity with Multi-Ethernet (PROFIBUS, Multi-Ethernet with Sercos, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP) as well as quick, convenient connections to third-party control units.

High dynamics and power

Variable-speed drives can significantly improve hydraulic systems. Due to the intelligent interaction of standard components, they combine the reliability and power of hydraulic systems with the energy efficiency and dynamics of electronic drives and systems and thus provide an optimum electro-hydraulic solution for each application.


  • Low energy costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower noise emissions


Lower operating costs

Sytronix reduces energy consumption by up to 80 percent, thus also reducing operating costs. Experience shows that the investment pays for itself in less than a year.

Avoiding CO2 emissions with energy on demand

Sytronix is a complete range of energy-on-demand drives. As motor-pump combinations with highly dynamic control, the drives draw only as much energy from the power grid as is currently required to supply the connected loads. In addition, the variable-speed Sytronix drives are at the heart of the highly integrated, intelligent CytroPac and CytroBox units and the servo-hydraulic CytroForce axis which is also highly compact and can be supplied ready for installation.

Lower noise emissions

Sytronix reduces the average noise emissions of the hydraulic power unit by up to 20 dB (A). As a result, you can comply with legal and user-specific noise control regulations with few structural modifications.


  • Condition monitoring-capable
  • Longer life cycle


Higher system availability

Sytronix extends the life cycle of shaft bearings and hydraulic fluids and increases availability thanks to condition monitoring. In regulated drives, the software monitors the operating states and carries out diagnostics.

Open communication interfaces

Sytronix offers full connectivity with Multi-Ethernet (PROFIBUS, Multi-Ethernet with Sercos, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP) as well as quick, convenient connections to third-party control units.

Availability and life cycle

Reduced shaft bearing wear, longer hydraulic fluid life and better monitoring of system states.

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Variable-speed drive solutions:
Less current, less noise, less costs.
Variable-speed drives connect standard components from hydraulic and electric systems to form customized, intelligent and cost-efficient systems. What is the savings potential compared to simple hydraulic solutions, and what should be considered for dimensioning?


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