Sytronix - Variable speed pump drives

Sytronix - Variable speed pump drives

Less current, less noise, less costs!
Sytronix type variable-speed pump drives change the game with hydraulic systems and offer new opportunities for innovative designs.

Variable-speed pump drives Sytronix – Less current, less noise, less costs!

Energy-efficient solutions using components matched to the application and an in-depth knowledge of the technology are key. Investment in energy saving technology using Bosch Rexroth hydraulics can provide fast returns, with energy savings up to 80%.

Simplify Your Design
  • Configurator SytronixSize enables quick assembly of the right system components
  • Comprehensive product portfolio tailored to specific customer needs
  • Open connectivity - Sercos & Multi-Ethernet communication, fast and easy connection to 3rd-party hardware
  • Safety on board: STO included
Streamline Your Installation
  • Commissioning reduction provided by application-specific functionality
  • Optimized hydraulic controller – Standardizes hydraulics, reduces training and knowledge requirements
  • IndraWorks DS software provides a comprehensive framework for installation, administration, programming and diagnostics
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Long life time of the system due to optimized internal gear and axial piston pump
  • System Monitoring: Protection of the components and hydraulic medium - Monitoring/ shutdown.
  • Status monitoring and diagnosis evaluations of process variables
  • Downtime reduction via online support and local area product specialists
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Cost savings by down sizing the installed components
  • Cost savings for sound insulation by noise reduction up to 20 dB
  • Variable speed control results in energy saving up to 80%

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