SYDFEx - Pressure and flow control system

A SYDFEx control system is used for the electro-hydraulic control of swivel angle, pressure and power of an axial piston variable displacement pump Type A10 and A4.

The Rexroth-SYDFE is an electro-hydraulic control system based on an axial piston variable displacement pump for controlling pressure, flow and power without throttling losses in the energy line. The advantages are robustness, high efficiency, energy efficiency as well as a dynamic and highly accurate regulation.

Beyond Limits:


Best-in-Class Controller

High power and

Flow 550 l/min


Direct mounting and integrated solutions

service life

Highest durability through robustness for extreme conditions


Simplify Your Design
  • Compactness through pump combinations, several pumps on one shaft
  • Controllers without control cabinets with open standards SY(H)DFED
  • Flexible mounting and connections (in position and dimension)
  • Variants for HFC
Streamline Your Installation
  • Best-in-Class control - optimized control for axial piston pumps type A4 and A10
  • Preset and tested controllers, plug & play commissioning
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Controllers without control cabinets
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Feedback of diagnosis and status information of process variables
  • Worldwide support via Ethernet access and product specialists
  • Support of condition monitoring by providing wear data
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Fastest cycle times due to high adjustment dynamics and accuracy
  • Highest pressures in the market for variable displacement pumps
  • Higher accuracy due to sensors for swivel angle, pressure and speed

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