MLC+H - Control for hydraulic drives

MLC+H - IndraMotion MLC for hydraulic drives

A complete control for hydraulic, electric and hybrid drives with compact and control-based hardware.

The IndraMotion MLC system solution can control hydraulic, hybrid or electric axes. Since the control software includes a large number of predefined hydraulic controllers, the implementation of fluid drive solutions should be particularly easy.


Best-in-class Hydraulic-controller

High Power
and Performance

Up to 99 hydraulic axis
Minor controller-cycletime


Modular concept
Scalable in hardware and software

Product Range

Embedded Controls: XM2x und XM42
Industrial PC: VPB40.4

Simplify Your Design
  • Consistent Productportfolio for realizing a custom-built solution for our customers
  • Open in Communication – Connectivity with Sercos & Multi-Ethernet, fast and comfortable connection to 3rd Party steering
  • Optional with safety technology
  • Scalable in Hard- and Software
Streamline Your Installation
  • Shortened Start-Up duration by application specific function
  • Best-in-Class Hydraulic-controller – Standardizing hydraulic, no profound hydraulic knowledge necessary
  • Uniform software tool IndraWorks DS supports initial operation, administration, parametrization and diagnosis
Minimize Your Downtime
  • Feedback of diagnosis and status information of process variables
  • Worldwide support by Ethernet-Access and product specialists possible
Maximize Your Productivity
  • Central control of up to 99 hydraulic axis
  • Optimization of the automation procedure by Best-in-Class Hydraulic-controller in software
  • Best-in-Class Hydraulic-controller – Compensating mechanical attrition for higher machine availability

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